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Add mob error


Hello guys, i followed the guide (put link down) in order to add a custom mob, in fact it isnt a custom mob the mob i was trying to add its Bellare 

Im using yml and its a little different at is used to be as txt, i put the spr and act into my grf and create the folder ¸ó½ºÅÍ

Also as long as i remember i need to change the rAthena\db\import so when i update i dont have some issues;

I know that when i use @spawn command if it says spawn failed is server side but i cant manage to appear im using 20200401 client (it has maps but no mobs ex: abyss04,ein_dun03)  imagen.png.b3e010efab17611d1bbc0da0aabc33b8.png

This Line 1143 is where -Id: 20355 startsimagen.png.ddf1d7254ec793f3cf67e4aa80acda31.png



This is the guide i followed and thnaks in advaned for your help


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I opened the file in visual code just to check indent but still having the same error also i change the source instead of rAthena\db\import i change rAthena\db\mob_db.yml


I got it, thnx for your effort @Start_

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