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[Showcase] Yggdrasil Discord Bot

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Hello everyone.

Today i would like to share with you Yggdarsil bot, a discord bot that was created with the launch of my private server for simple verification, and has grown ever since to provide a fun and interactive game/discord experience.

Features and commands

Multilanguage support


Supports multiple languages (currently available languages are English & Arabic, but you can easily just add a new language file to support any language)

The bot communicates with the users depending on their language choice.



Account verification (Link your in-game account to your discord account)


You can use account verification for all sort of useful things in-game.

I have also added a server-side few functions to check the player's verification status, so that I can for example restrict some content/reward for verified players only.


Mob/Item lookup


Yggdrasil bot can also use the divine-pride API for a quick lookup monsters/items by id or by name.


In-game rewards


Discord bot is also capable of giving rewards that will be attached to the discord account of the user.

If a user is verified, they can receive their discord reward in-game.


Server donation


The @donate command allows players to donate to your just like donating through a fluxCP panel. Yggdrasil bot only support Paypal currently.


Vendors Search


Yggdrasil bot can also retrieve a list of vendors in-game and display their info on discord. (I'm planning to add the functionality to search individual items)



Auction System


Players may use the in-game auction NPCs to offer an item(s) to the discord auction.

Other players can then bid on the auctioned items, If they have the Zeny, it will be deducted from their in-game character immediately

The highest bidder wins the auction when the countdown ends.



And that's mostly all the available commands


Discord Events/Minigames

Yggdrasil Bot can also run several different minigames on discord, and reward the event winners in-game directly.

Random Drops


On discord, a random reward box drops in a room. The first player to pick it up gets to open the box and receive the reward.


Trivia Event


Pretty straight forward. The bot will ask a question and the first player with the correct answer wins the round.

On YggdrasilRO, the event consists of ten rounds, And the players who can win the most rounds get an additional reward by the end of each month.

Currently, Yggdrasil bot has a list of almost 300 different trivia questions.


Disguise Event


Guess the name of the monster to win the round.

All the mob images are imported from divine pride.


Boss Fights


A Turn-Based RPG style minigame.

When the event starts, a random boss monster will appear in the chosen Discord room, and players need to prepare the best possible gear to defeat the monster.

Every player gets to choose one weapon, one shield, and cards if they have card slots in the items they've chosen.

Players will get to choose one of three options displayed randomly from a list of gears. After 5 minutes have passed the game will start and the players will take turns with the boss monster to fight it.

If the players defeat the boss monster successfully, they will receive rewards depending the the amount of damage they deal.

Also all participants will be able to loot the drops of the boss monster after the event ends.


And that'd be all folks.

Any feedback is appreciated ❤️

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Gj, nice usabilty.


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The usability of this is really good specially on the items info and monster info it a huge help.

Nice development and information you share.

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