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  1. you have to make it work by yourself by installing rathena webservice you can found it here Initial support for web service for newer clients by vstumpf · Pull Request #5731 · rathena/rathena · GitHub
  2. hi @Emistry thank you for your great work, could you make it support 4th job version for this script?
  3. bagi teman-teman yang pengen belajar buat script dan tanya-tanya silahkan join ke discord https://discord.gg/KgaHB4MwZX.
  4. Sorry if anyone already suggested it in the first place, but would it be possible to add rodex mapflag. it would be really helpful, if a player got jailed and they're didn't sent any item back to other char. same goes for instance, they can receive item from other player outside instance. I remember kRO allow them but it would be enchantment suggestion since it's not official at all.. (not sure if kRO implementing this in the future)
  5. okay so here my anime list, and still being updated. I never used myanimelist aside for review, so i just put it here on google sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GQkur7u4Wt9VdU0ERoPv3hixgXCFEsDKHpiq3GMHd3U/edit#gid=0
  6. what a nice job well done there... perhaps are you planning for release it?
  7. whoaa thank you. that's a great step and also big changes... i hope we got monster db txt to yaml soon and so on monster skills db to yaml, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. good job devs, like your work tho..
  8. hi anyone can help me about this? actually the server running fine. But the picture shownthese SQL error why?...
  9. try to quitting your xampp->restart Apache and MySQL then put the ragnarok database instead following my pict instead yours
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