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Closed Connection Issue on Login Server


I hate that I have to do this, I really wanted to figure this out myself, but I've been on this for more than 12 hours, looking all around the forums, applying all the potential fixes, it still doesn't work for me. I'm currently following this guide by Earnestinence 

Here's the longs for the char, map, login servers. 

So the few potential fixes I've tried are


char_ip: 60.x.x.x //WAN IP 


map_ip: 60.x.x.x //WAN IP


subnet: //WAN IP on both the placeholders


#define PACKETVER 20151104

I would appreciate it a lot if someone could assist me with this issue. Thanks in advance. 

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Login IP

Char Athena

char IP: Your VPS HOST IP / Your IP
login IP:

Map Athena

char IP:

check your clientinfo.xml / sclientinfo.xml inside your server.grf check the IP and the langtype

Lang type 0 = Below 2018
Lang type 1= 2018 Onwards
IP = your server IP
Use American instead of Korean


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Edited: I've applied all the changes you guys suggested, I'm not sure which ones are the one that fixed it, together with changing the subnet_athena back to the original which is, and it's working now!! Thank you everyone! I really appreciate it! 

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New issue emerged, don't know if I should open a new topic or not, I'm just gonna ask it here for now. I appear to be getting an error while trying to open an sql-file in the schemas I've made. Not sure what's going on, followed the exact steps, got this instead. Couldn't have logs to check account logs, etc.


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