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changebase command




i see this and try to use but... when i use he change the job anyway... somehow can me explain how can i change to only change the appearance like he say he does?



    TBL_PC *sd=NULL;
    int vclass;

    if( !script_mapid2sd(3,sd) )
        return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS;

    vclass = script_getnum(st,2);
    if(vclass == JOB_WEDDING)
        if (!battle_config.wedding_modifydisplay || //Do not show the wedding sprites
            sd->class_&JOBL_BABY //Baby classes screw up when showing wedding sprites. [Skotlex] They don't seem to anymore.
        return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS;

    if(!sd->disguise && vclass != sd->vd.class_) {
        status_set_viewdata(&sd->bl, vclass);
        //Updated client view. Base, Weapon and Cloth Colors.
        if (sd->vd.cloth_color)
        if (sd->vd.body_style)

Ty everyone and have a nice day.

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2 hours ago, Kreustoo said:


What do you mean by "when i use he change the job anyway."?
It's just faking you are that job but you are not.


he change the skill tree and the job on info soo it's not so different from changing the job, i presume only the appearance will change.







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