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  1. Hi, i need some help here soo... i use the hexed version 20180620 and i want to download the emulator for this version, someone can show me the way like the revision on github or the link? i appreciate the help
  2. i alredy do this but the error continue... only when i try to create another caracter... if you help me i appreciate. TY
  3. Description of Issue:Can't create character" [Error]: WFIFOSET: Maximum write buffer size for client connection 7 exceeded, most likely caused by packet 0x006e (len=3, ip=""). " Someone can help me with this problem?
  4. Hello everyone i need some help with this i know probably is simple to do but i don't know how. TY and have a nice day.
  5. he change the skill tree and the job on info soo it's not so different from changing the job, i presume only the appearance will change.
  6. i see this and try to use but... when i use he change the job anyway... somehow can me explain how can i change to only change the appearance like he say he does? Ty everyone and have a nice day.
  7. i try but when i use he change the job to another one, i know why? ( i use on item)
  8. i need a comand like @costume but without any penalty and i can use on jobs and stuff like a clothe... soo if i use a item and make the comand like @costume and change my sprite to another and i can add ou remove the options easily... ty for your time
  9. HI, i want to use the costume command on other sprite like Rune knight but i dont know the variable used on jobs, someone can tell me if i was going on the right way ou there is other way to do that. if i right what is the variable for jobs to use on costume?? TY for your time.
  10. TY bro i discover the problem, i put 30 days with prize on DB and LUB file but the client only suport 20. ( i notice on texture file kkk) THis was the problem of crash lkkkkkk, ty and have i nice day friend.
  11. Hi its me again kk, I was trying to use the attendance system but i have a problem, when i log with any caracter the client crash on loading screen. i made some tests and the result's is: (1) - Its not the problem with item ou texture because i try with red potion ID 501 (2) - only crash when the attendance system is active (3) - probably is the client side, lua file or texture file from interface(i try to use from actualized datas but dont change at all) my hexed is the 2018-06-20 with KRO client. If someone upload your attendance files or data i appreciate. Ty and have a nice day.
  12. someone to help? i have this problem too
  13. i see, you know how i can do that? i just wanna add +4 costumes and i dont know how to start kkkk
  14. Hi everyone, i want to know if is possible to add new sprites for @costumes, if the awser is yes how can i do that? i appreciate the help and have a nice day
  15. Ty for all you guyz, i notice 5min later the thing about GM sprite kkkk
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