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Mr SumBaXs Gamin

Can I Get Script @Autoattack For Rathena Latest Version 2020???


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On 4/22/2021 at 4:10 AM, hmwater001 said:

why when i type @autoattack its said unknown command?

@autoattack is custom source. its not included in the latest git.

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struct map_session_data {
    struct block_list bl;
    struct unit_data ud;
    struct view_data vd;
    struct status_data base_status, battle_status;
    struct status_change sc;
    struct regen_data regen;
    struct regen_data_sub sregen, ssregen;
    ++struct autoattack_delay;  // autoattack timer
    //NOTE: When deciding to add a flag to state or special_state, take into consideration that state is preserved in
    //status_calc_pc, while special_state is recalculated in each call. [Skotlex]
    struct s_state {
        unsigned int active : 1; //Marks active player (not active is logging in/out, or changing map servers)
        unsigned int menu_or_input : 1;// if a script is waiting for feedback from the player
        unsigned int dead_sit : 2;
        unsigned int lr_flag : 3;//1: left h. weapon; 2: arrow

        unsigned int lesseffect : 1;
        unsigned int vending : 1;
        unsigned int noks : 3; // [Zeph Kill Steal Protection]
        ++unsigned autoattack : 1; // Keitenai
        unsigned int changemap : 1;
        unsigned int callshop : 1; // flag to indicate that a script used callshop; on a shop
    int invincible_timer;
    t_tick canlog_tick;
    t_tick canuseitem_tick;    // [Skotlex]
    t_tick canusecashfood_tick;
    t_tick canequip_tick;    // [Inkfish]
    t_tick cantalk_tick;
    t_tick canskill_tick; // used to prevent abuse from no-delay ACT files
    t_tick cansendmail_tick; // [Mail System Flood Protection]
    t_tick ks_floodprotect_tick; // [Kill Steal Protection]
    ++t_tick autoattack_delay;    // Keitenai
    t_tick equipswitch_tick; // Equip switch


// Auto Attack --- put before all command
static int buildin_autoattack_sub(struct block_list *bl,va_list ap)
    int *target_id=va_arg(ap,int *);
    *target_id = bl->id;
    return 1;
void autoattack_motion(struct map_session_data* sd)
    int i, target_id;
    if( pc_isdead(sd) || !sd->state.autoattack ) return;

        map_foreachinarea(buildin_autoattack_sub, sd->bl.m, sd->bl.x-i, sd->bl.y-i, sd->bl.x+i, sd->bl.y+i, BL_MOB, &target_id);
    if(!target_id && !pc_isdead(sd) && sd->state.autoattack){

static TIMER_FUNC(autoattack_timer)
    struct map_session_data *sd=NULL;

    if(sd==NULL || pc_isdead(sd) || !sd->state.autoattack )
        return 0;

        if(DIFF_TICK(sd->autoattack_delay,gettick())> 0){
            clif_authfail_fd(sd->fd, 15);
            return 0;
            add_timer(gettick()+1000,autoattack_timer,sd->bl.id,0);    // 1000 is delay
            sd->autoattack_delay = gettick() + 1000;    // 1000 is delay
    return 0;

    nullpo_retr(-1, sd);
    if (sd->state.autoattack)
        sd->state.autoattack = 0;
        clif_displaymessage(fd, "Auto Attack has been deactivated.");
        sd->state.autoattack = 1;
        clif_displaymessage(fd, "Auto Attack activated.");
    return 0;

I already to the src modification and recompile the server.

But the result same as mention. unknown commands. maybe there are some step i missing?

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You forgot to add this at atcommand.cpp

     AtCommandInfo atcommand_base[] = {
+        ACMD_DEF(autoattack),

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