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  1. can you send it to me too ? old custom weapon sprites thankyou in advance
  2. i dont think so i thnk you need to edit it manually
  3. Edit it on your iteminfo.lua if you are using 2015+ clients
  4. hmmm did you try to do what i did? ACCESSORY_SAIYAN_AURA = 833, [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_SAIYAN_AURA] = "saiyan_aura" i think this should fix your problem. and can you post your iteminfo.lua too
  5. you have a simple mistake it should be ACCESSORY_SAIYAN_AURA = 833, [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_SAIYAN_AURA] = "saiyan_aura"
  6. Ohh my bad i thought you couldn't find the item elemental sword on your files.
  7. item_db_equip.yml then search item 13414
  8. i think You can edit the cooldowns at SkillDB.YML
  9. i think you can only see emblem on top if you are inside the castle?
  10. in your server files conf/battle/feauture.conf just turn it off // Achievement (Note 1) // Requires: 2015-05-13aRagexe or later feature.achievement: off
  11. @autoattack is custom source. its not included in the latest git.
  12. Try to use search function first before posting BTW try the the topic below
  13. if you dont want to see New buttons you can just diff it?
  14. Hi! https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Digital+space&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search
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