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Star Emperor Skills Effects and Sound


Hello, I have a rathena server and I used to use a 2014 client, then I decided to update my client to the 20180621 so I could use the new Taekwon jobs, Star Emperor and Soul Reaper, after updating my client and integrating all star emperor skills I tried them and I got a problem. The skills work fine, they just dont make any sound effects and visual effects.

PS: Skill used in the picture bellow: Light of Star (Star Emperor)


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lots of things are linked to status icons, skill id's and sometimes those OPTs 1 to 3 and sometimes specific code will trigger stuff you know... 


But as long as you got the ID's right,


And are at least coding nodamage skills....



then you should see visuals



Sounds ? No idea. Mayaswell just rewrite it in skilleffectinfo if it doesnt work for you




some things i know that you could test that out with are : 
convex mirror is actually a status icon or something

soul link blue back ground is linked to icon

Ive only tested these but... alot skills are built like soul link and stuff... just something to consider


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