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  1. Naruto's post in Can an NPC follow character? was marked as the answer   
    Yes theres a way using these commands... in a different manner im not familiar with
    walking mob.txt
    But if i wanted to get really fancy id just make a custom item that uses a provoke effect , or a new skill completely 
  2. Naruto's post in Changing portal transparency from transparent to opaque (solid color) was marked as the answer   
  3. Naruto's post in How to decomplie Lub file. was marked as the answer   
    Hmm nevermind thats not the one I used, but its something you use in your command prompth or something like mingw
    Ill attach the simple one but idk where I got it 

    just open the bat with notepad and add the lines - 
    your gonna have to redif your client probably and change your iteminfo 
    LuaDec for Lua 5.1.4.zip
  4. Naruto's post in Custom @warp command was marked as the answer   
    maybe by adding a mapflag to it and adding its tag 
  5. Naruto's post in changing skills in bg... was marked as the answer   
    Hmm its a bit different from hercules ( Ive never actually used these tags on rathena but...)
    // Ashura Strike still has slide effect in GVG if ((mbl == src || (!map_flag_gvg2(src->m) && !map_getmapflag(src->m, MF_BATTLEGROUND))) && unit_movepos(src, mbl->x + x, mbl->y + y, 1, 1)) { clif_blown(src); clif_spiritball(src); } } break; So you got your list of these in the map.h
    and your mapflags 
    using the format mentioned in extremity fist you can fit any of these together to limit what you want 
  6. Naruto's post in Adding Mini Boss and MVP Cards was marked as the answer   
    Well i can tell you 1 thing and that how you get them in 
    //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Card Seller A-Z //===== Description: ========================================= //= Sells all cards dropped by mobs, grouped alphabetically. //= MVP cards are excluded from the list. //= //= NOTE: Requires SQL item and mob databases. //===== Changelogs: ========================================== //= 1.0 First version [AnnieRuru] //= 1.1 Minor edits [Euphy] //= 1.2 Update for monster mode and enchants [Lemongrass] //============================================================ prontera,155,177,5 script Card Seller 100,{ [email protected]$ = getvariableofnpc( .alphabet_menu$, "card_seller_creation" ); if ([email protected]$ == "") { mes "[Card Seller]"; mes "I am sorry, it seems like something went wrong."; mes "I cannot find any cards in our database at the moment."; mes "Please contact a game master."; close; } mes "[Card Seller]"; mes "Welcome!"; mes "I can sell you any normal monster card in the game. Would you like to have a look?"; next; [email protected] = select([email protected]$) -1; close2; callshop "card_mob#"+ getvariableofnpc( .alphabet$[[email protected]], "card_seller_creation" ), 1; end; } - script card_seller_creation -1,{ end; OnInit: if (checkre(0)) { [email protected]_db$ = "mob_db_re"; [email protected]_db$ = "item_db_re"; } else { [email protected]_db$ = "mob_db"; [email protected]_db$ = "item_db"; } freeloop 1; [email protected] = query_sql( "SELECT DISTINCT LEFT( `name_japanese`, 1 ) AS alphabets FROM `"+ [email protected]_db$ +"` WHERE `type` = " + IT_CARD + " AND `id` ORDER BY alphabets;", [email protected]$ ); for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { [email protected] = query_sql( "SELECT `"+ [email protected]_db$ +"`.`id` FROM `"+ [email protected]_db$ +"` WHERE `type` = " + IT_CARD + " AND LEFT( `name_japanese`, 1 ) = '"+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +"' AND `id` ORDER BY `name_japanese` LIMIT 128;", [email protected] ); if ([email protected] > 0) { .alphabet$[[email protected]_alphabet++] = [email protected]$[[email protected]]; .alphabet_menu$ = .alphabet_menu$ + [email protected]$[[email protected]] +" Cards:"; npcshopdelitem "card_mob#"+ [email protected]$[[email protected]], 501; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { if (callfunc( "F_IsCharm", [email protected][[email protected]] ) == true)// Skip enchants in case someone added them as card drop continue; npcshopadditem "card_mob#"+ [email protected]$[[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]], 1000000; } } } freeloop 0; end; } - shop card_mob#A -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#B -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#C -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#D -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#E -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#F -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#G -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#H -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#I -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#J -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#K -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#L -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#M -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#N -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#O -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#P -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#Q -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#R -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#S -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#T -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#U -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#V -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#W -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#X -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#Y -1,501:1000 - shop card_mob#Z -1,501:1000 many many errors... but the mvp cards are in 
    figure it out all i did was deleted this 
    IN ( SELECT DISTINCT `dropcardid` FROM `"+ [email protected]_db$ +"` WHERE ~(`MODE`) & " + MD_MVP + " ) from both lines
  7. Naruto's post in Custom Rune-Terra-Skin error was marked as the answer   
    just make a new data grf and shoot it to the top of your data.ini it looks fine to me
  8. Naruto's post in Question: How do i patch/diff/use NEMO to create an playable Client was marked as the answer   
    find compatible client with dif
    run nemo
    open client
    select patches 
  9. Naruto's post in Buffing the skill of Sorce (Extreme Vacuum) was marked as the answer   
    case SC_VACUUM_EXTREME: tick_def2 = (sd ? sd->status.str : status_get_base_status(bl)->str) * 50; break;  
    your just looking in the wrong spot
    god bless 
  10. Naruto's post in How to setup pre RE server? was marked as the answer   
    open your src folder and find renewal.h and comment the second line
    //#define RENEWAL this will disable everything renewal and back to pre renewal
  11. Naruto's post in GetSkillAttackRange Error on Homunculus Skill was marked as the answer   
    when that happens all you gotta do is add and make sure the skill range is properly set up within the skillinfo.lub in your grf
    sometimes anyways 
  12. Naruto's post in Adding "Status Effect" to activate on "Self" after casting a Skill was marked as the answer   
    use this but rathena style
    clif->skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv, sc_start(src,bl,type,100,skill_lv,INVALID_TIMER));  
  13. Naruto's post in Help, how i diff a hexed 2019? was marked as the answer   
    this usually works, find one you wanna use... if not try another but nemo is good
  14. Naruto's post in Where can i download Undiffed 2018 RagexRe client? was marked as the answer   
  15. Naruto's post in Rename classes? was marked as the answer   
    you gotta hex it to get visual changes in the top left corner with all your status information, but im pretty sure if you change those files in the GRF .. commands like jobchange... will probably be different 
    Ahh im not really sure which ones are for the name , the only one ive changed was the High Magician

    a few hexing rules 
    1) There exists invisible characters in the grf file names... if your working with a grf editor, you might see yourself get stuck on characters but its just all merged and messy... also you can replace names completly and it doesnt matter HOW IT ENDS AS LONG AS THERE IS SPACE BETWEEN IT AND THE NEXT ENTRY, YOU CAN MAKE NAMES LONGER, OR SHORTER soo... WAVEMASTER CAN BE EXTENDED TO WAVEMASTERDDDDDD and still not screw anything
    Actually theirs a few things i need to verify but this is sure way to edit ^ I just dont test things like gluing everything together and I usually leave a space... never really got in my way until i tried hexing modern games because sometimes you see DOTS as 01 02 in hex and not 00 which is null or w/e
    2)Has to remain the same size as you opened it, so you need to add 00 in the hex portions if your making smaller names or something
    4)no backspace or using delete key, you have to use your arrow keys .. . .
    But i included my client that i use for editting... 
    Use it as an example as to what not to edit, ive changed everything BUT the ingame names in that corner 

    You can... but my PC blew up and this was my last back up
    make the  names smaller or bigger, i was just making them fit... just check out rule 1) 
    And btw i didnt give you the client with wavemaster written, that was an older one... just look it up and make sure its the same ... but the trans classes are a bit different
  16. Naruto's post in Manner System was marked as the answer   
    Sorry i dont understand the manner system but i think this is it
    You lose 5 manner when you kill somebody ? then this is it
    if (src && src->type == BL_PC) { struct map_session_data *ssd = (struct map_session_data *)src; pc_setparam(ssd, SP_KILLEDRID, sd->bl.id); npc_script_event(ssd, NPCE_KILLPC); if (battle_config.pk_mode&2) { ssd->status.manner -= 5; if(ssd->status.manner < 0) sc_start(&sd->bl,src,SC_NOCHAT,100,0,0); #if 0 // PK/Karma system code (not enabled yet) [celest] // originally from Kade Online, so i don't know if any of these is correct ^^; // note: karma is measured REVERSE, so more karma = more 'evil' / less honourable, // karma going down = more 'good' / more honourable. // The Karma System way... if (sd->status.karma > ssd->status.karma) { // If player killed was more evil sd->status.karma--; ssd->status.karma--; } else if (sd->status.karma < ssd->status.karma) // If player killed was more good ssd->status.karma++; // or the PK System way... if (sd->status.karma > 0) // player killed is dishonourable? ssd->status.karma--; // honour points earned sd->status.karma++; // honour points lost // To-do: Receive exp on certain occasions #endif } }  
    a few more things...
    case SC_NOCHAT: if(sd) { sd->status.manner++; clif_changestatus(sd,SP_MANNER,sd->status.manner); clif_updatestatus(sd,SP_MANNER); if (sd->status.manner < 0) { // Every 60 seconds your manner goes up by 1 until it gets back to 0. sc_timer_next(60000+tick); return 0; } } break;  
    you can pm me if you want more details
  17. Naruto's post in Adding custom navigations was marked as the answer   
    also you can use this in iteminfo.lua/lub for items to have them
    "<NAVI>Malangdo (215/119)<INFO>malangdo,215,119</INFO></NAVI> by talking to the Thanks Ticket Machine.", probably a few more ways to do it 
  18. Naruto's post in help disable guild button via source was marked as the answer   
    just find it in your clif.c , return 0 and add the message function 
  19. Naruto's post in GAT of custom maps bug was marked as the answer   
    dont you have to reload map cache on rathena or something ?
    try reloading its cache and relaunching your server
  20. Naruto's post in NPC Shadow Size was marked as the answer   
    try data grf > luafiles > datainfo > 
    figure it out I know its that

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