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Jobname and Npcidentity


Posted (edited)

I already know I need to edit these files and for a few NPCs it worked but now I'm doing the same thing and it's not working.

The guides I've read are not very clear about what these files actually do, they just say "put this text there".

I'd like to actually KNOW what I'm doing and why.

prontera,147,187,7	script	GMAura#GM_Aura	18000,{

So there are 3 things here, the name before # the name after # and the number. The first two are I assume the script names (generic and unique). The third is the number for the NPC sprite I want to display. Which of these "connects" with the other files? The number or the name or both? I mean which needs to match what's in which other file for what reason? I would guess the number but most guides also have the same name everywhere so it's confusing.

	GMAURA = 18000
	[jobtbl.GMAURA] = "AuraNPC"

These are in the other two files. Again which of these mean what? Which is the actual filename for the file I added to the GRF? Which of these texts needs to be matching which others? I assumed the "AuraNPC" part is the filename, is it not? The client still is trying to load a blank filename.

There are many copies of these two files. Which do I edit? The one in data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo, or the one in data/luafiles/datainfo or another one do I need to put them into the grf? I see I have edited both of these already - a new monster is added to one, and some npcs with default sprites to the other - and both of them worked so that's confusing. Only one of them should work. What's the proper syntax? Do I need a "," even on the last line or do I not? Does it matter if there is a tab or space in front of each line or not?

Finally,  I recently found I need to add it to npc.hpp as well and recompile. Does this one need to match any of the above names or as long as the number is the same it's ok?

	JT_AURA = 18000,

Oh and finally which of all these is the name that shows up in the game for the NPC?

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Posted (edited)

you are asking a lot of questions

i couldn't understand most of it

i think you want to know how to add Custom NPC?

this a short guide < do it and everything would work:

			>>npc.hpp EXAMPLE: JT_NPC_CUSTOM = 30000,
			>>script_constants.hpp EXAMPLE: export_constant_npc(JT_NPC_CUSTOM);

				>>>> //your npc spr/act here EXAMPLE: 

			>>>lua files
					>>>>>npcidentity.lub EXAMPLE: JT_NPC_CUSTOM = 30000, (THE ID MOST NOT BE ALREADY USED IN jobidentity.lub AND npcidentity.lub / THE ID MUST BE THE SAME AS THE SERVER npc.hpp)
					>>>>>jobname.lub EXAMPLE: [jobtbl.JT_NPC_CUSTOM] = "npc_test",

recompile your server

do not use already used IDS/NAMES

"JT_" is important

make sure the client read the files you edited first!!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< READ THIS

run your server

now you can add the script in your server

prontera,150,150,0	script	my_costum_npc	30000,{}


prontera,150,150,0	script	my_costum_npc	JT_NPC_CUSTOM,{}

reloadscript and you will see your npc

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