[BUG] in /npc/battleground/kvm/kvm_item_pay.txt

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I'm not 100% sure it's a bug but the NPC "KVM Logistic Officer" (script here) requires War Badge (ID 7773) to exchange them for "KVM Points" but I believe the correct badge for this exchange is KVM Badge (ID 6376) where even its description clearly says:

A badge that is provided to warriors who have brought honor on the Krieger Von Midgard field.
This badge can be used as KVM Points and exchanged for rewards from the KVM Logistic Officer in the Battle Field Waiting Room.
Personal KVM Points will be used before this item is used for the reward requirement.

Speak to a Maroll Battle Recruiter in Prontera, Morocc, Aldebaran, Geffen, Payon, Lighthalzen or Rachel to be sent to the Battle Field Room.
This item can be stored only.

Then I noticed that the War Badge (ID 7773) is instead used in the script "Poring War" (script here)... could it be right to correct the npc "KVM Logistic Officer" with KVM Badge (ID 6376) instead of War Badge (ID 7773)???

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