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Hi guys,

I created a instance npc... everything working good, no errors on mapserver... but sometimes idk why, i get the following src error:

[Error]: Memory manager: freed-data is changed. (freed in c:\users\pichau\desktop\moba\src\map\map.cpp line 241)

If I log in and stay stopped in prontera, this error don't happen...

When i'm on my instance, some times this error are shown and map-server restart himself....

I don't think it's the script, cause this error is happening in different situations and times in the instace...

I looked my map.cpp and i didn't changed anything in this line 241 of the error....


my map.cpp:

int map_freeblock_unlock (void)
    if ((--block_free_lock) == 0) {
        int i;
        for (i = 0; i < block_free_count; i++)
            block_free = NULL;
        block_free_count = 0;
    } else if (block_free_lock < 0) {
        ShowError("map_freeblock_unlock: lock count < 0 !\n");
        block_free_lock = 0;

    return block_free_lock;
line 241 ->  aFree(block_free);


Please guys any help?

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