[Tutorial] How to disable creation of Summoner characters

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I have so many people asking how in my Discord PMs, so I'm writing this so I could copy-paste the link...
This will be a step-by-step guide. But please use the Forum's search bar or Google search in case you are not familiar with some terms or programs.

Client Part [2015-10-01aRagexeRE to 2017-06-14aRagexeRE]

1. There's a patch in NEMO that can disable Summoner, use it.

Client Part [2017-06-21RagexeRE or later]

1. Use GRF Editor to open your GRF, search for ExternalSettings. One or more files will appear. If nothing shows up, grab one from data.grf.



2. If your use a Sakray(RagexeRE) client, click externalsettings_XX_sak.lub. Otherwise click externalsettings_XX.lub. XX will be the shorthand of the country name which is associated to your langtype.
    After that, click the Save As button to save the decompiled Lua file.



3. Open the file with any text editor that does not have Notepad in its name. 😄

4. You'll see a lot of things you can customize. Let's ignore those. Find the line with this code

MakeableRace = { Doram = true }

5. What's next? Let's change the value to false.

6. Save the file and put the edited Lua file back into your GRF. Make sure the file extension is lub not lua.

7. Now we're done with the client editing. Let's also configure the server just in case a smartass use WPE or edit the Lua file back.

Server Part

1. Open conf/char_athena.conf in your server files.

2. Find this part

// Restrict certain class from being created. (Only functional on 20151001aRagexe or later)
// 0: No character creation is allowed
// 1: Only novice is allowed to be created    (pre-renewal default)
// 2: Only summoner is allowed to be created
// 3: Both novice and summoner can be created (renewal default)
// Uncomment to customize the restriction
//allowed_job_flag: 3

3. Uncomment the last line. (Yes, remove the slashes)

4. Change the value to 1.

5. Save the file. We're done now.

6. Oh, and don't forget to restart your server if it was running.

PS. Don't PM me to get support, those PMs will be ignored.

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