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July Digest 2018

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July Digest 2018
The following digest covers the month of July 2018.


Staff Changes:

  • None

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Added a 'force' option to attachrid (b3643bfe4)
    • Fixed broken guild notices (b3a51eaa)
    • Fixed logging of #CASHPOINTS and #KAFRAPOINTS (ce9cbd2e)
    • Added possibility to log without attached player (3faf7004)
    • Added support for packet sending map data 0xAC5 (145b60f7)
    • Added Guild Storage Expansion Skill (e13ca63c)
    • Fixed a bug with warlock's spheres (cea5ad71)
    • Corrected SC_MTF_CRIDAMAGE bonus not triggering (6b148d5c)
    • Refactored roulette system (fe7c0a78)
    • Missing returns for inarray and countinarray (500cfdc4)
    • Added empty packet functions for private airship (74efc7d6)
    • Cleaned up Summer 2 code (b2c026d4)
    • Corrected some item bonuses not triggering (fdd24756)
    • Pets should mimic master's walk speed (042b8862)
    • Fixed Guild Storage Expansion skill saving (bfd7af34)
    • Replaced HID timer function parameters in a macro (c4d7dc76)
    • Freezing and Burning can occur at the same time (1a6bc209)
    • Negative MDEF should not increase damage taken from magic (030443c9)
    • Initial Release of Attendance Feature (a5588dd9)
    • Updated max recovery weight to 70% for renewal (b409936f)
    • Resolved Guild Storage Expansion not updating (bbe552d1)
    • Cleaned up the mapflag system (a942853d, 93139226)
    • Fixed missing curly braces in reloadscript (123303ef)
    • Fixing party death icon in newer clients (95c3aed8)
    • Fixed a bug with disable_items script command (6b3f0717)
    • Fixed EXP bug and added failsafe to family check functions (952ac43e)
    • Cleaned up map data storage (584fcac4)
    • Fixes channel command crash (3de9a44f)
    • Initial release of private airship system (8dea04a8)
    • Fixed walk_choices's type (a05ed6e8)
    • Fixed incorrect drop_id in quests (1b72f727)
    • Updated Shield Spell behavior (d612788e)
    • Updated Axe Mastery behavior (20a72e0c)
    • Updated Masquerade effects (f2437f4a)
    • Adjusted Amistr's Defense behavior (3de58247)
    • Adjusted Shield Chain range (eeb01923)
    • Corrected TWO skills according to aegis datas (cd05eb15)
    • Update Airship Assault Monster stats (7717c1e6)
    • Corrected Spiritual Sphere Absorption and Cursed Circle interaction (4f97c749)
    • Fixed issue with Gunslinger Manual (e4eddc3e)
    • Fixed rate for HD material in shadow refiner npc (f9797109)
    • Added comments in custom quest_shop.txt (84299027)
    • Added extra npc checks (6e8599cd, 6b19b72d)
    • Corrected Archer Training bug (532e043)
    • Added Academy monster re-spawn (4db212bf)
    • Fixed quest warning in quests_amatsu.txt (12f62e63)
    • Implemented Banquet for Heroes ep 16.1 (7a8ac464)
    • Added extra nowarpto on some maps (f1f47091)
    • Fixed npc location for Lutie quest (58eadcda)
    • Fixed a mistake in 2008 headgear quest (fa4021d2)
    • Updated travis script (a8b7476c)
    • Fixed a few compiler warnings on clang (91169d7e)
    • Update tools/config.pl (62ac5be4)
    • Added .editorconfig file to force editor settings for certain file types (3165e521)


  • Excluding merges, 11 authors have pushed 76 commits to master and 115 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 194 files have changed and there have been 28,777 additions and 7,054 deletions.
  • 61 Active Pull Requests
  • 66 Active Issues
  • 51 Merged Pull Requests
  • 10 Proposed Pull Requests
  • 49 Closed Issues
  • 17 New Issues

List of Contributors:

@4144, @admkakaroto, @Akkarinage, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @Atemo, @AzarthMZintos, @Balferian, @BrOgBr, @cydh, @Daniel4rt, @Daegaladh, @DavidPS92, @ecdarreola, @EthernalFriend, @Everade, @flamefury, @functor-x, @gladio78, @gustavobrigo, @Haikenz, @hendra814, @Kutikuti, @Lemongrass3110, @lRaikeNl, @MrLekkz, @nornane, @RadianFord, @Raf4h, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @spinzaku, @teededung, @tmav94, @uddevil, @V0rr, @vykimo, @yoonjunho72


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Hmm @vykimo.. For what did I contributed ? 

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Thanks rAthena! /no1

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