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Skill duration edit


Hi guys,

I want to reduce the duration of skill decrese agi, its 65 seconds on levle 10 i thinks that is tooo much !!
How do i edit that? 

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, Stolao said:



No need to edit src?? greaattt !!
Thanks a lot mann !!! But this time is in miliseconds? like, in the skill description saya lvl 1 = 20 seconds, lvl 2 = 25 seconds, this numbers "40000:50000" don't manke sense for me... And duration in mobs and players are different, so what are these numbers? I want this skill to slow player like 1 second only, this mod is in this place?

May i aske you a last question?
I want to duplicate this skill but the new skill i want only to slow the target, this skill is slowing and decreasing agi obviously... the agi decrement is on src side to edit, right?

I found this in skill.c


		clif_skill_nodamage (src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv,
			sc_start(src,bl, type, (50 + skill_lv * 3 + (status_get_lv(src) + sstatus->int_)/5), skill_lv, skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)));

To this skill only slow the target and not descrese his agi, i will have to change something here? I didnt find another place where this skill is called in src so i think that is here...


Edited by danielps
Missing information

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