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help me for edit size character


I edit sprite character monk and sage to big   but head character drop misfit with character
i see this picture in google  i want to know how to edit same this picture who can tell mee about how to edit plz <3



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5 minutes ago, sader1992 said:

you can use @size onpclogin event if you don't want it that big test it @size 10

what onpclogin ? idon't understand  it is have in data.grf ?  or  ?  (thak for answer)

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2 minutes ago, sader1992 said:

no it's command in the game try it to see how it work

and you can make script to make a job or every one login the game get big size

type in game with GM char @size 10

I can't edit in  data.grf ?  or I can  I am normal player   T T

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