Random item option Dealer NPC

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File Name: RandomOptionDealer
File Submitter: keitenai
File Submitted: 1 Dec 2016
File Category: Utilities
Content Author: keitenai


Random item option Dealer NPC

Script Information:
     This NPC script will be dealing 'random option enchantment' to players  for a price of Zeny/Cashpoint


  • Configurable NPC dealing currency to 'Zeny' or 'Cashpoints'.
  • Configurable dealing price.
  • Configurable to allow overwriting the already existing option enchantment or not.
  • Configurable fail chance rate.
  • Configurable Minimum & Maximum option enchant effect Values.
  • Configurable Maximum item Option slots.

Version 1.1

  • Implemented optional Item requirement.


This random enchantment NPC have a chance of failing, and breaking the player's Chosen equipment along with its compounded cards.

  • You can set the Fail chance rate from 0% to 100%
  • NPC will warn the player about the Fail chance rate (%).
  • The NPC will ask the player if he wants to take the risk and proceed with the random enchantment.
  • Upon selecting the option to proceed, the player's item will get a "Random" option enchantment.


Compatible with:  rAthena ac2ba09

Download  V1.1: RandomOptionDealer V1.1.txt

Download V1:  RandomOptionDealer.txt


Hope you find this useful ^_^


Edited by Keitenai
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On 12/8/2016 at 11:52 AM, rizkiolivia said:

no text script inside. please re-upload.

Link update

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can i make a sugestion for this. would it be posible to make it so only certain items get certain effects for example only weapons can get dmg increase etc.  for example i was trying this out and a knife has ghost armor type applied to it. that should be something for a garment or armor. also maybe make it so that there is a small list of effects that are extremely dificult to get


Edited by sikiro

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how to reset the random option of the item?

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How to whitelist Random Option instead of ignore Random Option

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