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  1. HiROserver


    Thank you guys! for the info's
  2. HiROserver


    Hi Guys! Please help me with my problem. 1st scenario: My player downloaded my server from mediafire without a patch.exe but when I check I got patch.exe on my folder in mediafire 2nd scenario: Another player downloaded my files but with patch.exe however when he tried to patch it it failes to connect to server but when I try to download a fresh file again It works fine for me. Have you guys encountered this weird thing as well?
  3. Hi guys, I am about to officially release my server. I tried to pm @Functoron skype however he is not replying also I saw two functor.x on skype. How do I know who is the real one? please see the attached picture
  4. HiROserver


    I am looking for webdev to fix something on my website. The download, meta description,donate page
  5. Looking for a Web Developer to fix a small issue lang po sa website ko. Thank you in Advance! Pm me sa forum na lang
  6. @Takuyakii how about this one how can i remove this image from there?
  7. Hi guys! its has been a week or 2 that I am trying to fix this error. Its really so hard to adjust from wordpress knowledge to this kind of coding standard. I was planning to remove this green icon when I was trying to send the site link using my messenger Also can you teach me on how to fix my download and donate page? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi Guys!, This is my first time to ask in Rathena so please be kind to me. I am seeking for help with my server. I do have a theme installed on my flux cpanel and I successfully installed it. But the question is how am I able to connect it on my server? Can you tell me the list that I have to change in order for me to connect it on my server or db?
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