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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have fix for this?
  2. thanks! hopefully they check it out
  3. Items ----- You can refer to items by using HTML-like links to certain items: <ITEMLINK>Display Name<INFO>Item ID</INFO></ITEMLINK> Where <Display Name> is the name that will be displayed for your link and <Item ID> being the ID of the item you want to link to when clicked. In 2015 the tag name was changed to <ITEM> resulting in the following syntax: <ITEM>Display Name<INFO>Item ID</INFO></ITEM> The following sample will open a preview window for Red Potion: mes "Did you ever consume a <ITEMLINK>Red Potion<INFO>501</INFO></ITEMLINK>?"; // Or in 2015: mes "Did you ever consume a <ITEM>Red Potion<INFO>501</INFO></ITEM>?"; NOTE: Be aware that item links are rendered incorrectly in 2015+ clients at the moment. I'm currently using 20180621a, when the item link is clicked, the client automatically crashes. I'm using the <ITEM>Display Name<INFO>Item ID</INFO></ITEM> format. The other format doesn't work for my client.
  4. damn.. I really appreciate the effort @Tokei, I'll try everything out on my end. have a great day ahead!
  5. that would be correct. yaml is just new to me still so I think I'll stick with the script. However, question.. as long as other monsters are not included on the "case", they won't be triggered right? what I mean is that it won't affect the server load if you attack other monsters? Thank you so much for the clarification and the assistance.
  6. This script would be on a script generated monster spawn and not for all monster wide. Would there be a workaround for a script based structure without a source mod? I'm also thinking of OnTouch behavior, however, there would be no stopping because for the callfunc to work it must be on a loop. The end goal is while you are attacking (every hit), you get a chance to obtain certain item by chance.
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if it's possible to trigger a callfunc script on every time you damage a monster? - could be inserted on a weapon script? - npc script something like onNPCkill but while attacking not after killing the monster?
  8. He already messaged me and it is out of the scope of Ganbantein + Land Protector. So, it will not be fixed on this diff. Addition, he mentioned to do another paid diff on that one, but no timeline yet on when it'll be released.
  9. Hi All, can you possibly remove the spaces in this box? Is this on Nemo Patcher?
  10. Another issue to be fixed just tested. After the applied diff, Ganbantein now removes Traps and Songs casted by Bard and Dancer Class. Ganbantein should only remove Land Protector.
  11. All test below was done when an AoE Skill (SG, MS) is casted on the Land Protector. Fixed by script - Own Land Protector when removed by your own Violent Gale, Deluge, or Volcano. Magic now will hit you - Own Land Protector when removed by Ganbantein. Magic now will hit you Not yet fixed by script - Own Land Protector (Defensive) when removed by another players Land Protector (Offensive). Magic will still not hit you. - Not fixed by script What I noticed here: When the Offensive Land Protector (by other player) is casted on top of another Land Protector, the AoE skills casted prior to that Land Protector also gets removed. this does not happen on your fix when the own player cancels his Land protector or either a Ganbantein is casted on the Land Protector. One simple way to check it is to turn on your effects, and when the Offensive Land Protector is casted, the animation of either Storm Gust and Meteor Storm will stop, unlike on the other two, the animation still continues even when the Land Protector gets turned off, or Ganbantein creates a hole on the Land Protector and the player now gets hit.
  12. anyone solved this issue?
  13. Hi all, From what I know, Baby's HP and SP are only 75% of Max HP and Max SP. (is this right?) and also do you need to enable this to take effect on the server?
  14. Yes I normally contact @Functor through Skype, I left him a message through Rathena PM already. I messaged him April 20, May 9th, and Today. no reply yet. we have no issues as well
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know where Functor is? I have 2 license from him and he didn't reply since April 20th. I hope he is doing just fine..
  16. This is the error message that shows up when healed
  17. Hi all, Does anyone have experienced or know why does the map crash whenever the Guardian Stone of WoE 2.0 gets healed? Still doing testing on other skills, currently heal crashes it.
  18. Hi @Sanasol will try this out thank you so much for updating it
  19. Hi all, I tried sanasol's V4P apparently there's a bug on re-voting. it doesnt add up. Lot of members are having the same issues as well. Just want to ask what V4P system do you use and maybe you can share the complete script and Flux addon? Thanks!
  20. I accidentally changed the subnet_athena.conf to another value i just changed it to the default There could be alot of reason for this issue. this is one. // Subnet support file // Format is: // subnet: net-submask:char_ip:map_ip // you can add more than one subnet (max 16) // check is if((net-submask & char_ip ) == (net-submask & servip)) => ok subnet:
  21. check your map-serv what error or debug should be done..
  22. Just create a separate npc running this script. this specific script only works for this specific MVP Ladder.
  23. Hi All! Does anyone know how to add the skill used to kill an opponent, I can't search what script to gather that info and use. Something like., [PLAYER A] killed [PLAYER B] using [Meteor Storm] at [guild_vs3] OnPCKillEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == "guild_vs3" || strcharinfo(3) == "guild_vs2" ) announce strcharinfo(0)+" killed "+rid2name(killedrid)+" at "+strcharinfo(3)+".",0; end;
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