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  1. I already putted on discord, but since no one have answered yet here it goes: I've got another question, so, i have tried to replaced RA_ARROWSTORM(Ranger ability) with Meteor Storm(WZ_METEOR) from wizard class, to see what would happen, so i copied all WZ_METEOR stuff from battle.cp, skill.cpp, skill.hpp and status.cpp and replaced with RA_ARROWSTORM, and this is the result https://gyazo.com/8bc05a5427996bdff038f960d74508c1 my character attacks everytime i land a meteor and the skill indicator is small. i can provide more information nedded sorry for my english, not main language :X what should i do to get it working , also the animation is not there
  2. can you explain more detailed that part 4,5 and 6 for someone who doest know these kinds of stuff, like using prompt and .env files... ty
  3. excuse me, can anyone tell me where can i find psychic wave .str file? seems i only can find .act of that skill, also not finding str of some other skills !
  4. I've got it, for some reason internet explorer worked ty can put as solved actually got another problem, the scripts keep loading forever .. all of them
  5. IVE got another problem, http://prntscr.com/113gq1w says i don't have data ini but i have http://prntscr.com/113gsg3 with the grfs inside too please someone help me configure this i spent 10+hrs trying to configure, the instalation guide is kinda vague
  6. thanks for the response guys, but i think what i meant is, if there is a way i could host my server for a friend to enter and test stuff, without buying hosting services.
  7. i did everything for the creation of the skill now i need to put the animation( .str) witch i already created, but, where you put your str files, i actually cant find the directory that communicate with the str files. i thought it was data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skillinfolist.lub, but i was wrong. i can't find anyone talking about this on this forum, can someone enlighteen me ! thx
  8. same problem here bump also, mine misses don't know why found the solution for your problem, use another ID for your skill, also if you know how to put custom str into custom skills hit me up , cuz i don't know how to solve that problem
  9. is it possible to emulate a existing server with rAthena with that server currenty information(grf and stuff) on localhost just to test stuff ? if yes how? i am kinda new i just created my localhost server today hoping i could test stuff on a another existing server.
  10. Is there a way to make a script that counts how many status effects a individual player done in a interval of like 10minutes and then show it as a stats?
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