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  1. This is a great server. It seemed most of the servers has the same features at all but I do find this server unique and excellent. This server has made my Ragnarok experience more happy and good. As a high rate player I do really recommend this server because it was a balance server and especially they really mixed the Classic and the Modern gameplay of Ragnarok Online. The server is stable for me because it runs smoothly and the Admin and the GMs will really give their best to do their works and stuff and also will give you compensations if you experienced some inconveniences. The events was fun and worth it and even though this server is still small, I still play here because the developers here really gives importance to all of their players and even banning some cheaters and toxic players to make the server toxic free and a good community. So what are you waiting for? Join this server that I am playing and it was really worth it!
  2. Hello! Can I ask some party based instance script? It is like Endless tower that different kinds of party can go inside but those parties are not seeing each other too. Well it's just like an MVP Arena but you don't need to summon it because there is already a boss inside that map or instance and I want to put some item requirement before you can go inside. I hope someone can help me. Thank you
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