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  1. My emulator has those settings already implemented, dude. So I cant change what is already changed and the problem persist.
  2. At first, I did not know why/how this error ocurred, investigating deeply and after many hours I realized that my server crashes when a monster uses waterball skill such High Wizard MvP, Turtle General, Drake, Strouf, etc. Here is the error in GDB. Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error. skill_delunit (unit=0x7fffeccf7044) at skill.cpp:18410 18410 switch (group->skill_id) { (gdb) bt full #0 skill_delunit (unit=0x7fffeccf7044) at skill.cpp:18410 group = 0xfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfd #1 skill_delunit (unit=0x7fffeccf7044) at skill.cpp:18389 No locals. #2 0x000055555575199d in skill_timerskill (tid=<optimized out>, tick=134544835, id=<optimized out>, data=<optimized out>) at skill.cpp:4206 src = <optimized out> target = 0x555559a09cd0 ud = 0x7fffe49e0a1c skl = 0x7fffe4a3c28c unit = <optimized out> range = <optimized out> FUNCTION = "skill_timerskill" #3 0x000055555557aeae in do_timer (tick=<optimized out>) at timer.cpp:374 tid = 628 diff = -1 #4 main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at core.cpp:368 next = <optimized out> thanks in advance
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