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  1. this is a client diff problem , disable "preview cash shop" diff from your nemo , as far as i know , that feature is intended for 2021 clients , 2020-04-01 cash shop wont work with that diff
  2. simple , your client didn't get diffed right , from what i've seen from his github , chris already uploaded the nemo profile diff for the new clients in his translation folders , if ure using 2020 clients , load his 2020 translation profile with your nemo , add the "reccomended" patches from nemo like (read data folder first) , and it should be fine .
  3. as far as i remember , its in src/map/status.cpp edit : but if it's seems too hard , maybe just u can just use a script like this OnPCStatCalcEvent: if ( readparam(bDex) >= 1 ) bonus bHit, 1; end; } idk , just my few cents
  4. looks like a really nice script , just like tree of savior eh ? definitely will try this later - as i've read , for the campfire healing stack problem , maybe you guys can just add item cooldown trunk/db/item_delay.txt so the player cant stack the campfire edit : this is so dumb , i just woke up and write this lol , sorry
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