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  1. darkmejor

    bg script

    bg 2.0 error in rathena :cc, thanks!
  2. darkmejor

    bg script

    el battleground 3.0 :c or 2.0
  3. darkmejor

    bg script

    i need a bg from my rathena server , any script? help!
  4. i how install the comand?
  5. I am looking for a script to see the commands that gm use when I am not in an npc
  6. does anyone have any npc script to see the list of commands that gm use? Thank you!
  7. I need help how to increase how much the team wins and the losing team in a BG
  8. alguien me ayuda a implementar comandos custome?
  9. hi easycore! i need you help to install

  10. how add script npc for create "item customs"
  11. donde se encuentra DB?
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