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  1. Hey Functor, Read my message at skype. I already paid and send the files but you are not answering Its been 2 days already...

  2. I have my item_group_db set to this. isAnnounced is set to 1 so it should announce the item. But when I got the said items, there is no announce showing. Client: 2015-11-04 // Item Group Database // // Structure of Database: // GroupID,ItemID,Rate{,Amount,Random,isAnnounced,Duration,GUID,isBound,isNamed} // Valkyrie Scroll IG_ValkyrieScroll,5286,1,1,0,1 --- > Should have announce IG_ValkyrieScroll,5210,1,1,0,1 --- > Should have announce IG_ValkyrieScroll,5471,1,1,0,1 --- > Should have announce IG_ValkyrieScroll,12411,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,12412,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,12684,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,7776,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,14533,9,2,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,14592,9,2,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,12210,9,2,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,14003,9,3,0
  3. I am currently having this error on my console. I am using this autoattack.diff
  4. Krypt

    Ragnarok Classic

    - Server Rates- Base Exp : 35x Job Exp : 35x Common Drops : 3x Normal Equips : 3x Normal Cards : 3x Boss Drops : 1x MVP Drops : 1x - Server Information - Episode 10.2 : Lighthalzen Base & Job Level : 99/70 Max ASPD : 190 Max Stats : 99 Costumized Environment - Server Features - GvG/PvP Oriented Server Dedicated Staffs Advanced DDOS Protection Gepard 3.0 Protected iRO / RMS Based Android Version Available No Bots No Multi-Client / No Dual No Autotrade No Boss/Mini-Boss Cards In-Game Security ( @security ) Register: Download: APK: Community Group : Black Market :
  5. Check the IP and the Port in clientinfo or sclientinfo
  6. Krypt

    Ragnarok Classic

    Ragnarok Classic is looking for someone who is capable of coding website. Design to use: Send me a PM here in rAthena or Discord ( Krypt#0828 )
  7. - Fixed - Solution : New item_trade.txt
  8. This is the first time I encounter this problem. There is no item in my item_trade. Just today, other players complaining that they can't drop or trade items. I tried it on my GM Character and on my Normal Character and I confirmed the issue. But other players can trade/drop. What's the problem ?