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  1. Check what the skill does and then put that on an item instead like a costume is what one of our devs did.
  2. This has been adressed and can be closed, thank you anyway
  3. So we added Sky fortress to our server not too long ago and we've had some issues wiht it since, i know its hard to ask a general question but we're really at a loss, i'll happily show the script, the issue is basically that sometimes (random?) it spawns the monsters on the top floor instead and stefan is not interactable for some reason, if anyone is willing to come up with some ideas to why this could be happening please share it, we're really at our wits end on this one / James
  4. latest RA build, litteraly last week, nobody had just ever used pyro till i gave it a go so its impossible for me to know when it did/didnt work. icon is there, the unable to equip weapon is there, but there is no damage increase at all, weapon, no weapon, element , no element, it does nothing sadly Edit ive done more thorough testings and ive tried mob sizes, no gear, full gear, food, no food, the pyroclastic buff does nothing at all
  5. After doing some testing with a weapon, without a weapon, on the same monster, with buff, without buff, no other changes, the buff icon is there and it prevents you from removing your weapon but...it litterally does nothing for you, no weapon atk or element, neither on the status screen or for your damage, anyone that knows about this or how to fix it? ( effect is in source, not in the skill_db hence i put it in this section) / James
  6. okay so im not sure if this is the right section in the forum but here goes, since we did the latest update on rAthena to our server, we're getting flooded with errors ( screenshot below ) Now to be fair, im new to running a server ( only done it for 8 months now or so ) so im still learning but neither me nor the people on our staff knows where these issues are comming from or how to solve them, any help or input would be appreciated as we would like to reduce / remove the amount of errors the server has to deal with obviously, i mean server still works fine Looking forward to your responses! Edit : You can move this if its in the wrong place. /James
  7. Of course, i found it on midgard community eventually
  8. So the RDMOPT_Criticalsuccessvalue is for some reason adding Critical % instead of the flat crit its supposed to give., example below if you roll RDMOPT_Criticalsuccessvalue on a slot in a vicious dagger, say from 1-15 and you get a perfect 15 roll, it SHOULD add 15 crit right?, it adds 15% of your current critical rating so if you have 1, you get 1 because it cannot give you 0,15 , it snaps to 1 i'd imagen, ive looked at the script it uses and RDMOPT_VAR_CRITICALSUCCESSVALUE,{ bonus bCritical,getrandomoptinfo(ROA_VALUE); } Which is the same as Soldier skeleton card as far as i can see, our Soldier skeleton card works fine, yet this does not. Anyone that has encountered this problem before or knows how to fix it? / James
  9. Found it, close thread please
  10. a long time ago i played on some servers that had this Valkyrie Helmet costume, and i'm not able to find it again, i was able to find an image of in-game what it looks like and hopefully you guys can help me locate the sprite for it ^^ It would really make me smile if anyone has these sprite files or know where i can find them Edit : i'm specifically looking for the utmost left one, the original, i know Midgard community has some sprites for a valk helm but they are all coloured versions and not exactly the same as these ones. / James
  11. So a new player joined our server and made a request to use the old skill animations instead of the woe ones ( currently all skills are using woe animations ), how would we go about doing this if its even possible? / James
  12. Okay so as you may or may not know, Muscle fool increases your vit by 200 upon proc ( 1% chance for 5 seconds ) and removes 50% atk and matk, thats all good and dandy but we wanted to give it another effect to heal to 100% hp upon proc, now what i did was this. autobonus2 "{ bonus bVit,200; percentheal 100,0; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_All,-50; bonus bMatkRate,-50; }",10,5000,BF_WEAPON,"{ specialeffect2 EF_GUARD3; }"; However, this seems to be acting wierd, sometimes it seems to do it over 5 seconds since its in the proc brackets, but sometimes not at all, does it act as its own proc or is there a better way of accomplishing this? - proc muscle fool, add 200 vit, remove 50% atk / matk, heal to full HP directly on proc, not otherwise Ideas? / James
  13. saders tool creates all the folders and sub folders where they should be so i'd imagine its correct.
  14. Right okay i'm sorry, let me do this Spriterobid Spriterobename.lub I used Sader's Garment creator tool to make all the files and put them into the right places, i had 1 act file, 1 sprt file, 1 bmp small and 1 bmp large to work with all named C_Black_Demon_Wings despite all this, they are not shown Edit : They are shown in the alt+q window and in the login screen but not in-game if that info helps.
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