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    After the closing of euRO we found ourselves without a proper Renewal Server to play on so we got together and started Omen RO, the server is maintained and updated by people who've played the game since the early days and whom also happens to have vast knowledge about the ins and outs of such things like Coding, Graphical design and Balancing, we offer a fresh server that will be up for a long period of time without pay 2 win. We listen to the players and strive to maintain a fair and fun gameplay for everyone, It is completely free to play and will remain as such, anything can be obtained in-game even if it might exist in the ishop which is there to cover server costs eventually, oh and if you happen to be a WoE player, dont feel like you've missed out, WoE will start in January 2020. if you're curious to why you should pick us?, let me give you our feature list ( which keeps increasing! ) We're looking forward to seeing you on our server and to become part of an amazing Ragnarok Online Experience and Community.