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  1. Okay so as you may or may not know, Muscle fool increases your vit by 200 upon proc ( 1% chance for 5 seconds ) and removes 50% atk and matk, thats all good and dandy but we wanted to give it another effect to heal to 100% hp upon proc, now what i did was this. autobonus2 "{ bonus bVit,200; percentheal 100,0; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_All,-50; bonus bMatkRate,-50; }",10,5000,BF_WEAPON,"{ specialeffect2 EF_GUARD3; }"; However, this seems to be acting wierd, sometimes it seems to do it over 5 seconds since its in the proc brackets, but sometimes not at all, does it act as its own proc or is there a better way of accomplishing this? - proc muscle fool, add 200 vit, remove 50% atk / matk, heal to full HP directly on proc, not otherwise Ideas? / James
  2. saders tool creates all the folders and sub folders where they should be so i'd imagine its correct.
  3. Right okay i'm sorry, let me do this Spriterobid Spriterobename.lub I used Sader's Garment creator tool to make all the files and put them into the right places, i had 1 act file, 1 sprt file, 1 bmp small and 1 bmp large to work with all named C_Black_Demon_Wings despite all this, they are not shown Edit : They are shown in the alt+q window and in the login screen but not in-game if that info helps.
  4. Right so i was browsing the forums and i came across some wings that i thought people on our server would like so i downloaded it and it only contains 1 spr and 1 act file, along with bmp files for collection and item, now we're running on SQL so i added the item I'd ( tested multiple ones to see if my item ID was too high ), yet no luck. I've put the sprites into the folders and edited the Lub files for spriterobename and spriterobeid and also our iteminfo lua file with the classnum and all that..yet nothing, i tested with both Lua files, Lua files 517 and lua files 517 and still the problem persists, the item works, i can equip it and drag it and throw it on the floor, yet the sprite does NOT show up on the character. I know this is a bit of a wall of text but i would really appreciate some guidance here as to what i'm doing wrong. Latest rAthena build and client is 20180621 / James
  5. So its like i thought then, okay thank you! @Seravy
  6. You'd have to edit the source file for this as well i belive. the exact filename eludes me now but in the source file the maximum allowed should be defined.
  7. So say that a monster should have 1-2k atk and 3-4k matk, i set Atk1 at 1500 and Atk2 at 3500 ? / James
  8. ah right so theres no increase in these maximum allowed amounts after 175 ?, i mean yea its what 1,1 mil so xD
  9. Right so if a monster is supposed to have 2500-3500 dmg and say 500-1000 Magic attack, now according to the documents in rAthena ATK1: The minimum attack of the monster. --------------------------------------- ATK2: The maximum attack of the monster. If undefined, the value of ATK1 will be used as the absolute attack. How exactly does this translate into magic attack and how do i set these numbers properly? it seems skills are either way to strong or way to weak.
  10. Oh you might've misunderstood, i was looking for maximum allowed HP / SP , not max base hp/sp per level, like if you max Vit / use food, are level 200 / have tao etc
  11. So we recently upgraded our server to level 200 since we're trying as best we can to match kRO, now i do have a kRO account but due to recent issues i had to cancel my VPN for a bit so i cannot login and test this, anyone that knows what the maximum allowed HP an SP are for level 200 now? Thank you in advance / James
  12. Right so i've been racking my brain lately after pulling an dmerging the latest rAthena update from github, our playes are experiencing an issue where say a Rune knight who is mounted on a dragon kills an MVP and then the Sprite for the Dragon vanishes, now they can still use the skills as if they were mounted so its not a matter of being dismounted, but rather a display bug that happens, our team has been trying t solve this but we were rather unsuccesfull sadly so we're turning to you guys for help! (if this is the wrong section please move it, its just since this happend after a source update i put it here) Edit : This also happens when you die and use a Token of siegfrid TL:DR - Mount / Mado etc sprites vanishes on an mvp kill but server still thinks you're mounted so skills are usable, how do we fix this? / James Windsor LotusRO Server.