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  1. Hey! Thanks for keeping an eye out. I appreciate it! I know this thread is a bit old/inactive but I wanted to address the issue: It's definitely copied and permission wasn't asked, but as this is an edit to begin with I'm not that bothered. Doesn't mean ya'll can go take it all willy nilly. I'm just saying. Next time though Tio, maybe ask for permission or idk just try to sprite things yourself. You've done several things on your own (I think), it's not that hard is it?
  2. Version


    A random npc lady.


  3. Just to let you guys know, I haven't bothered to renew my hosting account for the simple reason that I haven't produced anything worthwhile for too long and there's no point in keeping up the website. That doesn't mean anyone can suddenly do as they please with my sprites. The terms still stand and I at some point I am going to recreate the website. But in the meantime, it'll be down and all that is and should be available is what's in this thread. If you're looking to buy something I had previously available, just shoot me a message.
  4. Well I looked on the first page of this topic and it says Fair point! I'll message the admin or one of the mods. Thanks again. =]
  5. I'm not sure if you gave them permission: Thank you very much for keeping an eye out! Those sprites are free to use and share (as long as credits are left in) so it's okay for them to be there. Thanks a lot though!
  6. *checks date last updated* Well.... Uh, @Princess_anne, any free ones you're welcome to use for your server.
  7. Just a small update, but here are some forum pips for anyone who's interested: You can grab them here:
  8. Yep, that should fix the problem.
  9. Magenta edges like that happen due to anti-aliased lines. Source The one on the left is aliased, whereas the one on the right is anti-aliased. You'll want to go for the one on the left if you wish to avoid pink edges.
  10. I'm surprised. It used to be that Harmony was the one thing that made players quit (simply because it broke servers). There was a long discussion about it on the RMS forums and more than not, people were against it. Has Harmony improved, or have people just failed to set the correct settings until recently? o_0
  11. That's a beautiful helmet. I would definitely make it, but doing a sprite that has clearly already been done is kind of a butt move. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of butts, but not in this sense. Any chance you know which server has this sprite? You could e-mail the administrator and ask where they got the sprite from.
  12. Lolol, someone's getting called out. --I'd help you mate, unfortunately browedit really isn't my thing. But video tutorials for browedit would be pretty cool.
  13. *slits wrists* ...Tell our son... that I love him.... But yeah good job. xD
  14. Loool. Norse ninjas. That is so bizarre. --Good job on the headbands, they look good! But uh, don't give a preview of all the frames. People will just rip it if it's not a free headgear.
  15. We would make very beautiful children, you and I. You should have my babies. Also this map is awesome. Not a huge fan of the brown ground tiles, but the rest is certainly very orgasmic, especially the red rooftops and all those flowers. Please tell me this map is not exclusive. I wan buy.
  16. I'm working on one for you. Give me a bit though, I'm not liking what I've come up with so far. Edit: PSD: Font used is DayPosterBlack
  17. Sure: Font used is called Aharoni.
  18. What file format does the image have to be? This is a .png. If you like it and it needs to be a different format, let me know.
  19. Definitely suits the vampire theme. Really good job on this one, mate.
  20. Don't remember if I've commented on these before or not, but these maps are brilliant.
  21. Another one, Briar Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty):