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  1. Hi I would like to know if someone had @battleinfo and @packetfilter for rathena? thx
  2. Hi I am trying to configure the skill mindbreak and provoke to work on guild members only in WoE/GVG map I added the flag "guildonly : true " but it"s possible to use on guild members everywhere Name: PF_MINDBREAKER Description: Mind Breaker MaxLevel: 5 TargetType: Attack DamageFlags: NoDamage: true Flags: GuildOnly: true There is a flag for only gvg/woe map ? Thx
  3. Hi Anyone know how to add the minutes? to program a woe from 18:00 to 19:30 for example?
  4. @latios The problem is you can't equip the costume headgear if you not have the requirement of not costume headgear example on novice with costume apple of archer :
  5. @latios Thx for the update, but to be able to equip the costume you must have the requirements of the normal headgear example : a costume apple of archer require lvl 30 and can't equip by a novice
  6. Hi Any idea? rAthena Version Git Hash: 53761b952af832455526401acfc8b388a60a5d84
  7. Hi I have bug with "debuff" skill the skill like lex aterna / lex divina / eske doesn't work on ghost race monster The skill is cast but has no effect only on ghost monster it's a feature or a bug ? Thx
  8. Hi I don't know how the gladiator skill solar/lunar/stellar heat does no damage : it was still working a few hours ago Any idea ? Thx
  9. Hello, I have a problem with accname.lub , with grf editor i see : i save the file with the "save as" function into accname.lub or accname.lua to edit him. But when i open accname.lub or accname.lua with notepad++ or visual studio code the file appears as its : How i can edit/save accname.lub or lua with the good letters ?