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  1. got it working on that part typesizes.h -> / * Number of descriptors that can fit in an `fd_set '. * / #define __FD_SETSIZE 1024 posix_type.h #undef __FD_SETSIZE #define __FD_SETSIZE 1024 even if I change, will not work?
  2. Why use freebsd? I use centos, is there no solution for him?
  3. Well, I'd like some help on the following question When I hit 1024 players my server is crashing I have already followed all the tutorials present here in the forum, even the unanswered ones I changed the FTD SIZE I moved on the socket.h But it keeps falling and I do not know what else to do, anyone with a solution?
  4. Someone know hot do solve this? rWave - Client Alpha _ Gepard Shield 3.0 (^-_-^) 11_20_2018 5_39_58 PM.mp4
  5. I have this problem in the chat, appearing numbers for all the players I searched for solutions, applied but did not get results Does anyone know how to fix it? Hexed 2014 03 05b
  6. Good evening, I'm using an old rathena review (why I want to) but he was trying to remember the question: Player with CR_DEVOTION and Using AS_CLOAKING, When Taking Damage to Area Is Not Revealed Can I disable this in source or modify? I have seen skill h / c - battle c / h - status c / h
  7. Only 2 revisions before 0 damage with skill in target :/
  8. I've done everything in relation to conf / db I read several reports that it is in source, but I tried and I could not either
  9. -I tried ground targetted skill. - But only animation occurs it doesn't push the traps nor do any damage. I'm having problems at AC_SHOWER used in area, is not dealing damage, only does skill animation I visualized several topics and none had any solution
  10. I tried the mapflag, it still did not work
  11. good afternoon alright let's go using rAthena, when initiating the batteground, does not generate any error in ssh, however it has a game error, the clan emblem is appearing only in the name, it is missing in the head like the image below, What can it be?
  12. bump someone can help me? sorry for reviving topic atcommand.c: In function 'autoatpots_timer': atcommand.c:8557: error: expected ')' before numeric constant atcommand.c:8557: error: too few arguments to function 'add_timer' atcommand.c:8528: warning: unused variable 'item' atcommand.c: In function 'atcommand_autopots': atcommand.c:8604: error: expected ')' before numeric constant atcommand.c:8604: error: too few arguments to function 'add_timer' atcommand.c: In function 'atcommand_mobevent': atcommand.c:8691: warning: unused variable 'y' atcommand.c:8691: warning: unused variable 'x'
  13. estou com problema ao adicionar este addon no fluxcp que esta no github do rathena
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