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  1. @[email protected] hello, you need to use correct nemo patches use this on your nemo patches. replace or backup first your nemo/Patches/CancelToLoginWindows.qs hope this helping cheers~ im not made this qs i think im using @Secrets nemo patches CancelToLoginWindow.qs
  2. guys i need ragexeRE.exe 20180307 can someone give the link to download that ? thx
  3. @dikapramantya do you get a solution for this bug ?? i got same problem with my script after i check if i give 1 minute it will dissapear after 4minute its like server source bug
  4. @Functorit's already fixed btw, im replacing CancelToLoginWindow.qs with other version and now it's work normal. but now i can't using key encryption on nemo when disable packet encryption already off. can you give me PacketEncryptionKeys.qs for nemo? @Akkarinbtw ytd i see a server with newest version u right it must be work at rathena but i don't know why it still wont working on my rathena, do i use wrong version of rathena ?
  5. absolutely yes sir, i just try to say i already trying all option and instruction before ask here
  6. hi, thanks before for all senpai who come here to help @Akkarin about this instruction i've been try it before like this and recompile it, but the result still same. the game won't show npc and i just can move about 3 steps from the first place. this is my setting after follow the instruction. sorry for long attachment.
  7. @Functor ah i see ... i just trying to get new ragexeRE because im using 2018-05-30bRagexeRE thats have some error when i trying back to login screen it's crash like this any suggestion master ?
  8. hi guys im trying to change my ragexeRE version but after i change it and recompile i can't even move in game all is working till character loaded, the game not showing npc and i cannot move. can someone please help me ? what should i do ?? thx before
  9. update the script work for teleporting me to available vending spot but the problem now is after teleporting me to vending spot i can't open vending the system said Current location of the shop and chat room is disabled. and my setting at player.conf is already default min_npc_vendchat_distance: 3 im trying to make it 0 but still not working, what's wrong ? im using this script : help pls.
  10. @dikapramantyathx alot for your information dude.. im trying to use that script but my server is crash after i install that script any suggestion ? the all map in server already disabled for vending at first i use script mapserver is crash then i search for suggestion and found your post i already read the post u have same problem with the vendor control script then i try your solution this is the script i got from your post and at firstime it's still wont make cell can be used to vending then i change setcell into map_setcell it's make cell can used to vending but now board is gone and npc wont working properly can u help me ? thx before this is my server script
  11. hello guys i got some problem with my script please teach me how to write right script for cell_novending btw all maps already restricted to vending because i add mapdata->flag[MF_NOVENDING] = true; at map.cpp i want to make vending just able at marked cell on map this in my script on novending.conf, what's wrong with my script ? thx before
  12. thanks for your help nitrous it's works well now yeah the file was there now it's already solved thanks for your suggestion at first im using that generator when i search a suggestion about attendance feature im found that, is really great generator but we must double check the spacing like what nitrous say thanks for your help btw this is my attendance.yml file after i correct it compare with before it's work thanks guys !
  13. hello can someone help me ? this error when i start the server.. my attendance conf file.. what wrong with my configuration file?