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  1. RicardoMarin


    Hi guys, does anyone know how to handle the ROChargen well? I need help on how I can make some items with effects, like the itemView 1451 (Water Spellcaster # 20448), that when placed in Lower Hat, does not appear in the ROChargen. Another case is also how to add new Robe, for example the Thanatos Sword # 20514 (itemView 23), it does not appear when generating the image either. I hope someone can help me solve this.
  2. Hi, I have some questions about ROChargen.

  3. how add the news sprites, Soul Reaper and Star Emperor?
  4. Does anyone know how to avoid cutting the larger images in the mobs? the default size is always 200x200px, how is it automated?
  5. Hi, you know use ROChanger?

  6. Does anyone know why I get this? https://prnt.sc/jpsket