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  1. Hi, iam using a ghost script made by Ghost. I have something on my console. Can Someone help me how to fix this? Here's my files ghost.txt
  2. Help! Punching Bag Npc

    Gumagana na po. Ang prob ko po ay nagiging ganito po sya. Eto po ang npc file ko punchingbag.txt
  3. Hi sir. Ang prob ko nga po e walang nalabas ng error sa console ko. Basta mg cclose lang po bigla. Git hash. a6a2c po
  4. How to add time to an event

    Thanks again! Ill try this!
  5. :buildin_mes: fatal error ! player not attached!

    Oh i see. Thankyou very much! I already fix my mvp warper.
  6. How to add time to an event

    Hi just wanna ask hot to add schedule on this koe script. Just want to add on Mondays, Wednesdays,Fridays,Sat & sunday. Please teach me how.! Thanks! koe.txt
  7. :buildin_mes: fatal error ! player not attached!

    worked like charm! thank you for this sir . what is wrong with my script? how do you fix it? i want to know because i want to fix this issues on my own. btw. can i ask for last one mvp.txt
  8. hi. how can i run with gdb? btw heres my git hash
  9. Hi im having an error on map server but my npc is working well. can someone please help me how to resolve the error? thanks! my gold room and mvp warper have the same issue. goldroom.txt
  10. Forbidden same IP on few maps

    not also working for me
  11. Hi. Ask ko lang bakit ng kakaganito. Pag ng command ako ng @job or @jobchange ng walang id e ng ccrash yung map server ? Please help po ! Thanks!
  12. Hi, Can someone help me. Every time i command @job or @jobchange without any id or job name my map server got crash. Its somehow annoying. Thank you in advance !
  13. @jobchange without <Id> crashes map server.

    having a same problem here
  14. Hi. Can someone teach me how to use this? Im using 2012 client. And my git version : 16780