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  1. NightJar

    Bows. Not ranged.

    Hi, Can someone please help me with these. When acher class usses bow weapon, they attack on melee not ranged. But the skills are working ranged. Only normal attacks are melee. How to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  2. NightJar

    Disable EDP on Champion.

    Great! Thanks!
  3. NightJar

    Disable EDP on Champion.

    Hi, I use custom cards on my server. SinxCard gives auto cast EDP. I want to disable the effect on champs coz it was over powered. Please help! TIA!
  4. NightJar

    [DL] Mellina: Custom Town Map

    Hi, can I request for a mirror link for this?? Thanks!
  5. NightJar


    Hi can anyone help me how to fix this? iam using 20131223c client
  6. NightJar


    Hi iam using 2013 12 23c client when i right click my items it has no errors. but when i compounded a card. i gets like this please see the attached img. please help thanks!
  7. NightJar


    Hi, Pa help naman po paano maayos to. Ok naman yung item pang ni right click. Walang error. Ng kaka error lang pag yung item ay nilagyan ko ng card. Tulad nyan. Fire protector pag ni view ok sya. Pag nilagyan ko na ng card tpos right click ayan ng yayari. Pa help naman po. Thanks!
  8. NightJar

    Auto get item when mob is killed

    I want it to get gold every time a peco is kileed not random :'( Thanks!
  9. NightJar

    Auto get item when mob is killed

    hi, at the very end of the script ?
  10. Hi, can i ask how to auto get item when a mob is killed?? I want the gold automatically add the gold on inventory. Thanks! Here is my script. goldroom.txt
  11. NightJar

    Duplicate NPC but not the ITEMS

    Hi sorry. My problem just keeps happenning. When i use this 1st npc. (questweapon.txt) and i duplicate another npc (questweapon2.txt) It just keeping from duplicating my items on (questweapon.txt). Nothing changes. Please help me questweapon.txt questweapon2.txt
  12. NightJar

    Duplicate NPC but not the ITEMS

    i already got it work. thanks @Capuche and @Emistry
  13. NightJar

    error on compile server last vers

    i also having this problema. iam using fresh full from git
  14. NightJar

    Duplicate NPC but not the ITEMS

    hi thanks for this. but i need a custom npc with quest items. like the script that i use. thanks!
  15. NightJar

    Duplicate NPC but not the ITEMS

    hi what i want is to make a new npc with a new quest sets but same npc file . sorry im confusing