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  1. looks good just highlight the title more and it will look better, it looks like all the text are generated by photoshop, I would recommend to use html for those, and for the right click that pop ups a notice or a warning message, its better to remove that since user are used to right click, it will annoy them lol. Other than that, great job.
  2. The format of the design depends on the budget they offer. If they have offered a new budget that I havent gotten offered before, I always create a new format for that.
  3. Well its part of the request. Thanks.
  4. Working preview link below. http://demo6.xrovolution.com/ Please rate and leave a comment. Thank you. Link to my services : http://rathena.org/board/topic/68742-hire-me-endev/ Feel free to contact me.
  5. Hmm, not really sure about that since I haven't experience that. Make sure your mysql account has privilege access to those tables.
  6. It worked. Didn't notice that it was commented out.. Now what I'm experiencing is not authorized.. Yes by default its commented, only uncomment if you change your port. Where do you experience authorize thing ? after login ? did you successfully login ? I need more details about your issue.
  7. I guess you could try this. under your flux folder, config folder, open servers.php uncomment //'Port' => 3306, then change 3306 to 3308 I havent tested that, I'm just wild guessing, but im pretty sure its just misconfigured if you can't access your login credentials on your flux, so maybe double checking your servers.php is a good start, make sure all connections are right.
  8. All images used belong to their respective owners. backgrounds are rendered. Hello again, As my recent post for creating templates and coding them. Here is my preview for my clients halloween theme. - Already coded and live. Simple theme only, no special addons created - not requested. here is the link to my services : http://rathena.org/b...-hire-me-endev/ here is the link to my portfolio : http://xrovolution.com/portfolio/ I appreciate your rate and comments. Thank you.
  9. Send me a message of your website details. Thanks.
  10. send me a message about ur server, we can discuss after that.
  11. I have example on my portfolio. http://xrovolution.com/portfolio/ which is executed clean. although, that portfolio is not done, it shows some clean example and how they have been executed.
  12. in your server, open conf/inter_athena.conf, and compare it to your CP flux settings under config/servers.php , both information should match. Username, password and database, host/ip.