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  1. @edit 2 Now I'm having these errors. I think I already had this same error but I don't remember how I fixed it. (Prob years ago)
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to use a 2014-10-22 hexed but doesn't open. There isnt any error msg, just doesnt open. I tryied to use a 2017 hexed too but same thing... Thanks.
  3. Now its working. Thanks a lot man.
  4. Already did it but still the same error
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to run map-server (char and login is working fine) but there is two errors of missing dll. MSVCR110.ddl and MSVCP110.dll (but I have all in my system). I put these dll at emulator and now I have another error. (0xc000007b error). And my RO exe isnt working because of these same error.
  6. Yeah but its kinda stranger because the name of class will be like genetic->creator. There is a way to change that?
  7. Hi guys, i'm doing a script to add 2nd class sprite as a outfit, so just change the sprite... But i dont know what commando I can use to do it. I tested changebase but (OF COURSE) change the class at all. Anyone knows a command to add just the sprite? >>> Another question: I'm considering about put Third Job Costume as outfits too, but just as a alternative one. How can I do that for just change the sprite of class? Thanks
  8. I just modified core.h... //#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION When I was using without // the server was crashing before char at the city. The only mod i did in src. @EDIT: Done, It was my custom grf. I tryied to do without custom.grf and works. Thank a lot guys.
  9. Doesnt work anyway... Still closing my hexed after screen loading just go until 3%
  10. Hi guys, i have a problem with my client. When I try to @go 0, my client close, the load screen just go until 3% and close. When I try to go 5 or another city it works fine... Everything okay Anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks @edit: Another thing, now I tryed to do another char but appears a error "Rejected by the Server" and a [info] clif_parse: Disconnecting session #3 in console...
  11. But why? People that are going to play my server is gonna use iRO grf and I dont wanna make them download a kRO grf to play it. Thanks anyway
  12. Data.ini is okay, data.grf and rdata.grf... Yeah, my hexed is working just fine I just got 2014-10-22 (i guess) and diffed it, but the hexed doesnt open with data.grf from iRO (my server is from iRO so it doesnt work with iRO data.grf so i tested with bRO and kRO and works fine.)
  13. Hi, i have a problem with iRO data.grf. When i put data.grf in my ragnarok folder, the hexed doenst open but when i put kRO or bRO (brazilian) the hexed just open fine. Can you guys help me with this? Thanks
  14. Hey guys, who can I do this: see if there is any card in the seccond slot of the item, like this If there is a card in the seccond slot { } mes "you dont have the card in the seccond slot"; close; There is any way to do that?
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