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  1. Yeah I was talking about the official achievement. Well the thing is I don't know how to propely use the achievement_db.yml (I guess this is the file I'll use to modify). I was thinking about using the AG_BATTLE but it seems that Target can only be monsters. Do you have any idea?
  2. Hi ~ I was trying to make a Achievement for my PvP but i ran out of ideas of how to make it possible... Like someone killed 50 persons so he gets a item and a [TAG. I'm wondering now if its even possible to do that because i didnt found any kinda "script" for such thing. Anyone has any idea how to make this?
  3. Hi guys ~ I'm using PVP Ladder by Stolao but on option "PvP Ladder" its showing the leaders and only the points so its like #1 Test 3 #2 xxxx y ... but I wanted to show all stats from these top 10 players on ranking like n name kills deaths ratio #1 Test 3 x y ... I was trying to make it but I'm not that good (or okay) with SQL stuffs... Can anyone help me with that? Thanks.
  4. Yeah that's great. Thank you guys. I have another question. I wanna add to this script a chance to drop a costume at 0.1% of chance. My question is: Can I use the variable value .chance = 0.1;? Thanks again
  5. Hi people~ I'm looking for a script that after a player A kill another player B on a specific map, A have a chance on getting a item or cash. Anyone knows a command to do that? Thanks ~
  6. Hey ~ When I use the NPC for exemple in a Assassin Cross, I get the sprite of Glt.Cross but it appears the skills of the Glt.Cross on Alt+S. I tried to use any skills and I cant but I was wondering if I can get the sprite without the skils on skill tree. Thanks
  7. Or if you have an script that actually do this (change outfit of 2nd classes to 3rd classes by paying some cash and that saves when you buy it) and don't mind to share with me I appreciate. Thanks ~
  8. Hi people ~ well the title just says everything. I found this script [Outfit Stylist] and It's just perfect but it only alternate the outfit of 3rd classes. Since my new server is pre-re, I wanna make a mod of this script that I can actually use 3rd and alternative 3rd while using a job like Assassin Cross (id 4013). Can anyone give me a tip to how to modify this?
  9. Hello ~ I wanna ask how to change the achievements titles (Like [Junction of Life], etc) to any other name I want. I just found a file on System that only changes the description etc. Thanks.
  10. Gosh! I love you Thanks a lot ~
  11. Hello people ~ It's been awhile since I tried to make an ragnarok and I remember that there was a ROTranslation on github for kRO but I can't find it anymore. Anyone knows where can I get it? I'm using this kRO Client (2020-01-24). Thank you very much!
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