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  1. prtbar File Name: prtbarFile Submitter: w0wZukuBgFile Submitted: 17 June 2018File Category: Maps & TexturesDownload Link: Click here to download
  2. Version 1.0.0


    (!) You may need new Prontera, Malaya, Malangdo or Dewata staff Includes custom textures and minimap


  3. ein_tra01 & lhz_tra01 .•°'°•. File Name: ein_tra01 & lhz_tra01File Submitter: w0wZukuBgFile Submitted: 04 June 2018File Category: Maps & 3D ResoursesDownload Link: Click here to download
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Just two trains on the routes: Lighthalzen <-> Einbroch & Einbroch <-> Einbech. You may customize airship.txt script or make a new one. P>S> For this map you may need materials of NewProntera, Malaya and Malangdo.


  5. Hello, good day to you too, try a hexing method or raise the water level to -20 or higher and raise land level with objects, as stated in these topics.. https://rathena.org/board/topic/81992-having-black-spots-patch-at-map-during-walking/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/61531-resolved-browedit-help-about-walking/#entry92618
  6. Thanks for the information, so I had another problem.
  7. I decided to dedicate this topic to my first location only, stay tuned for updates in new topics
  8. Just in case, I add information. Check for water level is written in map.c after lines /* * Reads from the .rsw for each map * Returns water height (or NO_WATER if file doesn't exist) or other error is encountered. * Assumed path for file is data/mapname.rsw * Credits to LittleWolf */ If the .rsw file does not participate in the creation of a map_cache, then the water level will be absent as a class. All standard maps from kRO consist of green, red and purple cells only. P.S. I work now only with 586 rev)
  9. It's just Flying Side Kick 439 The main thing was to place the effect on the center of the map along the x-axis slightly forward along the y-axis, because the line movement depends on the degree of rotation from the map center.
  10. The server did not see the water level on the map. I had such a problem when I added only the .gat file in the WeeMapCache without the .rsw and .gnd files. If you use WeeMapCache, put all three location files into your grf with all maps and then press the GRF button in the program to correctly add the water level (don't forget to add resnametable.txt using the RNT button).
  11. Check out my first release - a map with trains for routes between Einbroch and Lighthalzen here:
  12. Hello, thnx, in fact, I spent a lot of time on it, but I learned many things in BrowEdit. Really a test map in every sense At the very beginning, it looked like 4 squares of job_knt, connected together. Hi! Thank you for your words, I wish you much happiness in return
  13. Hello and Hi!) I'm new here!) And I just want to show you my first map made in BrowEdit This map was created for my server, but it was closed, because nobody played it :С P.S. Feel free to comment/ask or let me know what you need to correct. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. arena_r4 Please rate it if the map is good enough
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