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  1. Hi Sir. I just want to ask if it's possible to reset all saved unique IDs OnClock0000? I wanted to make it reset the unique ID for all everytime the clock hits 12am so players can get once everyday. Thank You!
  2. Venomenon

    Server Crash

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me with my map crash. It happens randomly and this is what the memory leaks say 0001 : pc.c line 9122 size 6 address 0x0xb7318bf4 0002 : pc.c line 9061 size 16 address 0x0xaf4baf44 0003 : pc.c line 9119 size 8 address 0x0xa96a90b4 0004 : harmonycore.c line 222 size 4536 address 0x0xa834e3fc now this is my pc.c line 9061 and 9122 9061 sd->reg_num++; 9122 sd->regstr[i].index = reg; 9119 sd->regstr_num++; harmonycore line 222 return aCalloc(size, 1); Hoping for someone here who can help me asap. I'm also willing to pay around 10$ to whoever who can help me first with my problem. Best Regards,
  3. Hmmm. Did you get to fix the problem?
  4. Hi. I just wanna ask how can I removed the fixed 1 second delay of using Shadow Jump after using the hide skill. It seems it has a fixed delay before you can use Shadow Jump after you use the Hide skill. Thanks and more power P.S. It seems all skills that requires hiding has a delay before you can use them -.-
  5. Hi. Just want to ask how can i make it that Tarot card of Fate not remove pushcarts. Here's the effect of it on skill.c case 2: // all buffs removed status_change_clear_buffs(bl,1); break; Thanks and more power!
  6. Just bumping this again. Just wanna know why in the latest revision later than 17020, the skills seem to be bugged again. I had to revert it so that it can work normally?
  7. Hi. Just wanna know if there is a way that we can modify "Slow Grace" skill not to affect the caster when linked. It was how it works before and the players much prefer that way. Also on the other note, when Slow Grace is used on a normal map (example, town), the players get affected even though the town is pvp off or gvg off. This annoys players just sitting there. Is that how it works normally? Another issue is, even if the setting of the Slow Grace on the skill_unit_db is to hit only the enemies, it still affects party members and guildmates (woe)
  8. Actually most of the players sir reported they experience the same, especially when the attackers are 10 or more. I'm using Geforce GT 220, RAM is 3mb, no applications open that time. It just really occur when the 198-aspd players attack all at once on a certain monster (Ex. Treasure Chest or Emperium)
  9. Yes sir, I had tested it with effects disabled already. Still the same. I just don't know if other people experience this issue.
  10. Thank you sir for the tool information. I'll use this one to determine the cause of the issue. I'm pretty sure it's not network lag since the only players that are lagging are only in a specific area ( the screen area in which couple of players with 198 aspd is melee attacking all at once at the same time on one monster ). The other players away from the screen area don't experience any lag or delay.
  11. Hi. Good Day. I just want to ask if there is a way to know what causes the lag when a couple of players are attacking all at the same time with 198 aspd. For example, 10 players are attacking a monster, all of the 10 players attacking have 198 aspd. They are attacking all at the same time. This causes the players, including the one close to them to experience freeze/lag/delay for a couple of seconds. Hoping somebody can help me with this. Thanks!
  12. WOW! Just Wow! Awesome idea, i think this will be very useful on High Rate Servers. Thanks Lilith for the awesome ideas and free releases!!!!
  13. Make sure there isn't a line like this in your clientinfo.xml <readfolder></readfolder> Thank you so much! It works now. I didn't know I had that on my clientinfo! Thanks much!
  14. Hello. I just want to ask if this issue is occurring only with me. I'm using 2012-04-10 client and I unchecked the "Read Data Folder First" option (I tried using sir Greenbox's dll) but when I try it ingame, it still reads the data folder files first before the grf files. Can anyone verify this? Thanks!
  15. Hi. I just want to ask if it's possible to disable the players to switch to shield after doing Sonic Blow and what part of the src do i need to edit. Since it has a delay animation, players have the time to switch to shield while they are on Sonic Blow Animation.
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