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  1. this script have bug, item random not drop...
  2. alb2trea,84,69,4 script summoner 100,{ set .monster, .mob_id[.random]; if( countitem(512) > 1){ delitem 512,1; monster "alb2trea",0,0,getmonsterinfo(.monster, 0),.monster,.amount,strnpcinfo(0)+ "::OnMobKilled"; end; }else{ mes "sorry you need 1 apple to summon"; } OnMobKilled: announce "Monster is already killed",0; set @amount, rand(1,5); //quantity of different items set @whatItem, rand(0,[email protected]); //Which item was chosen set @amountItem, rand(1,10); //Quantity of item you will receive for (i = 0; i < @amount; i++) { getitem @whatItem, @amountItem; } end; OnInit: setarray [email protected][0],501,502,503; //Items [email protected] = getarraysize([email protected]); //Size Array Items setarray .mob_id[0],1002,1113,1399,1159; set .size, getarraysize(.mob_id); set .random, rand(.size); set .amount, 2; // amount of monster spawned end; } I'm not sure if the script I'm editing is working properly or not. Monster spawn - ok Item use - ok Random spawn - not sure Random item drop - not sure and i have this error n bug??
  3. Thanks for this script and for your help. Actually there is a little more to add, if possible, I want a random spawn mob.
  4. prontera,154,179,4 script summoner 100,{ monster "prontera", 157, 181, "Poring", 1005, 1, strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnMobKilled"; monster "prontera", 157, 181, "Poring", 1115, 1, strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnMobKilled"; end; OnMobKilled: getitem 501, 1; // 1 red potion end; } My plan is to have this script have a random spawn and to spawn it requires an item. If you press this npc it will ask for the item to avoid spam. I already love this script spawn, it just needs extra random spawn on this script. If possible, I want random items to fall off the mob as well. Thanks to those who helped me...
  5. prontera,149,189,4 script Event NPC 859,{ function F_Warp; if (countitem(501) > 0) goto case_1; if (countitem(502) > 0) goto case_2; if (countitem(503) > 0) goto case_3; { case_1: F_Warp(501,1,"prontera",150,160); end; case_2: F_Warp(502,1,"prontera",150,160); end; case_3: F_Warp(503,1,"prontera",150,160); end; } end; function F_Warp { [email protected] = getarg(0); [email protected] = getarg(1); [email protected]$ = getarg(2,""); [email protected] = getarg(3,0); [email protected] = getarg(4,0); if ( countitem([email protected]) < [email protected] ) { mes "You dont have enough item A to use Event NPC."; close; } delitem [email protected], [email protected]; warp [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected]; return; } } I tried to edit the script a little bit and this is the result. I think this is the solution, if there is a better script than this you can share it with me here.
  6. Good script you give, but I don't want to have a menu or 'mes' on the script, I just want the npc warp script to send players to different locations according to different items, just one click on npc it continues to send to the destination according to items owned by the player.
  7. Hi Guy, i already create this script, but this script have bug and i need help to fix it... prontera,149,189,4 script Event NPC 859,{ if (countitem(501) > 0) goto callfunc ("E_Warp1"); if (countitem(502) > 0) goto callfunc ("E_Warp2"); else mes "you dont have item A to use Event NPC"; end; } function script E_Warp1 { if (countitem(501) > 0) goto warp ("prontera",151,185); end; } function script E_Warp2 { if (countitem(502) > 0) goto warp ("prontera",151,185); end; } i want make script can send you to different warp with different items, this script work but have bug.. i already use other script but have error... if you guy have script more simpler then this i like to try it...
  8. i hope someone can help me make script pvp with auto and random buff... my plan with small map pvp this, those who stay longer in pvp can get random buff like give stat buff... example: sry my bad english and thx for help...
  9. location script : /npc/events/idul_fitri.txt i need someone help me change this script for me... Actually I have a bit of editing in this script ... My problem, how to make this event active for 7 days after Ramadan. Now this script is only active on 'June /16/18' and only happens 1 time after ramadan. //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Feast Day Of Ramadan Idul Fitri Event //===== By: ================================================== //= $ephiroth //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.1 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= Info : Official idRO //= 2006/10/16: 1.0 Release and fully working. [$ephiroth] //= 1.1 Replaced effect numerics with constants. [Samuray22] //============================================================ scythero,99,81,0 script Event Raya 58,{ mes "[Staff Idul Fitri]"; if((gettime(DT_MONTH)==JUNE && (gettime(DT_DAYOFMONTH)==16 || gettime(DT_DAYOFMONTH)==18))==0) { mes "Congratulation! Celebrate Feast Day Of Ramadan Idul Fitri 1439 H."; mes "This event will start at 1 Syawal and ends at 7 Syawal."; specialeffect EF_SANDMAN; next; mes "[Info Events Raya]"; mes "I have something that might interest you."; mes "I need all of the following items:"; mes "^D5A500Ketupat Sayur Ingredient :^000000"; mes "^00B6FF~5 Ketupat, 5 Carrot~,^000000"; mes "^CC6633~5 Sweet Potato, 10 Meat~,^000000"; mes "^000088~2 Green Herb, 5 Stem~.^000000"; next; mes "[Info Events Raya]"; mes "If you collect all ingredient, I will cook it to you."; mes "and give you ^D5A500 3 Ketupat Sayur^000000"; mes "You want to know what is the effect of ^D5A500 Ketupat Sayur^000000 ?"; next; OnStartMenu: menu "Yes",Y_info,"No",N_info; Y_info: mes "[Info Events Raya]"; mes "^D5A500Ketupat Sayur :^000000"; mes "Heal 100%."; mes "Give All Stat +5."; end; N_info: mes "[Info Events Raya]"; mes "Oh well, I hope we meet again."; end; } mes "Haii......^FF8800"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000!!"; mes "First day of Idul Fitri has arrived."; mes "Congratulation celebrate him."; mes "There is event special today."; next; mes "[Staff Idul Fitri]"; mes "Event today.....^009500Idul Fitri Quest!^000000"; next; mes "[Staff Idul Fitri]"; mes "If you interest to follow this event, I will cook it to you."; next; switch(select("Allright. I like that!!","Next time.... Thanks.")){ case 1: mes "[Staff Idul Fitri]"; mes "I have something that might interest you."; mes "I need all of the following items:"; mes "^D5A500Ketupat Sayur Ingredient :^000000"; mes "^00B6FF~5 Ketupat, 5 Carrot~,^000000"; mes "^CC6633~5 Sweet Potato, 10 Meat~,^000000"; mes "^000088~2 Green Herb, 5 Stem~.^000000"; next; mes "[Staff Idul Fitri]"; if ( (countitem(552)<5 || countitem(515)<5 ||countitem(516)<5 || countitem(517)<10 || countitem(511)<2 || countitem(905)<5) ) { mes "You don't have enough items."; mes "Come back when you have them all."; close; } delitem 552,5; delitem 515,5; delitem 516,2; delitem 517,10; delitem 511,2; delitem 905,5; mes "I see you already have all the items you need."; mes "Just a moment, please!!"; next; mes "^009500-Plupping snapping bubbling~^000000"; next; mes "^009500-Clinking clingking~^000000"; next; mes "^009500-Clang clang~^000000"; getitem 583,2; next; mes "[Staff Idul Fitri]"; mes "We appreciate your participation in this special event."; close; case 2: mes "[Staff Idul Fitri]"; mes "Oh well, maybe you will participate in tommorow's quest."; close; } OnInit: waitingroom "Event Raya",0; end; } Sry my bad english... and thx for help...
  10. I have problem here with SQL Table... when I try copy this and make sql, then I try Import.. after that become like this : what should I do with this? Ghost's PvP System v1.0.sql
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