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  1. I figured it out guys. It's to do with your lua/lub files in the system folder. Be sure to use Nemo to patch your client to read the correct MapInfo.lub (from the English translation pack)
  2. I too had this problem, couldn't find the cause though. I have however found a temporary fix, just to get rid of the message. In data/msgstringtable.txt on line 3458, replace that line with # eg.: # This skill can only be used when in party.# Party recruitment has been canceled.#
  3. This is exactly what i was looking for! hours of work saved! Cheers dude. There's just one thing thats missing from the pack to "complete" it though. the new Doram (Summoner) class unfortunately also follows the new crappy kRO/jRO paletting rule, so everyones dyes look like garbage. I've searched high and low for corrected sprites, but it just doesn't exist yet. Do you think its a possibility that you'd add the corrected Doram sprites to the pack? much love for your work Update: I've found a tool that allows me to reindex the palettes, but I'm still unfamiliar with the order Update 2: Male and female sprites (KINDA) fixed! i'm happy with the result at least, not perfect, but it never will be with the 553 dye pack =/ Just got the cart sprites to correct =D
  4. My cash shop is now fixed perfectly with the clear instuctions from reigneil. running r17440 with 2013-06-05ragexe I can't thank you enough =)
  5. If I recall, the cash shop src+packets changed on r17429. I think. That means, if you don't wanna change anything, just download r17428. Dont quote me on the revision numbers
  6. Ah ha! This is exactly what I was after. I knew what packets needed editing, but not what to. I'll give this a try when I get home. Thanks again reigneil
  7. ive searched the forums high and low, as well as abused google in the ear searching for the answer to this. im using trunk r17440 with a 2013-06-05 client, and i cant seem to buy from the cash shop. it just prints out "The purchase has failed because the NPC does not exist". i've done checked my packet_db. ive had a look at clif.c, ive broken my server quite a few times, but restored it with a fresh revision, and still no avail. i would say that by the looks of it, its sending the wrong packet information, but im not an expert on this =/ any help would be appriciated =)
  8. This Is the first time I've encountered something like this. It seems female characters on my server can't get past the character select screen without erroring. My first job would be to go through the sprite directories and make sure everything is accounted for. But by the looks of things, everything is fine. I'm running trunk r17440 using 20130710 Also, I've checked the dump file, and the exception isn't a missing file error. It's: This thread tried to write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access update: after much digging, i found that it was the [uI]Enable 64k Hairstyle diff. ....now that i've fixed the issue, im left with only 27 hairstyles.... now i've got to get a way to increase the hairstyle limit >.< reverted to 2013-06-05. all issues resolved. please close this topic
  9. i too am having the exact same problem with a 2013-07-10b client. but by having a look around, i may of stumbled across the solution! look in: data/luafiles514/lua files/optioninfo/optioninfo_f.lua this looks like the script thats used to save the optioninfo.lua (which looks like is being saved wrong.) Optioninfo_f.lua :: line 50+ function SetCmdOnOffList() if CmdOnOffList == nil then return end for k, v in pairs(CmdOnOffOderList) do local cmdInfo = CmdOnOffList[v] if cmdInfo ~= nil and cmdInfo ~= nil then c_SetCmdOnOffList(v, cmdInfo) end end end function l_GetOptionValue(keyName) if OptionInfoList == nil then return -1 end local optionInfo = OptionInfoList[keyName] if optionInfo ~= nil then return optionInfo end return -1 end function SaveToFileCmdOnOffValue() saveFile = io.open("SaveData\\OptionInfo.lua", "w") if saveFile ~= nil then for k, v in pairs(CmdOnOffOderList) do local value = c_GetCmdOnOffValue(v) if value ~= -1 then saveFile:write(string.format("CmdOnOffList[\"%s\"] = %d\n", v, value)) end end saveFile:write("\n") io.close(saveFile) end end function l_GetCmdHelpMsg(keyName, bIsOn) if CmdHelpList == nil then return "" end if bIsOn == 1 then keyName = keyName .. "_on" elseif bIsOn == 0 then keyName = keyName .. "_off" end local cmdHelp = CmdHelpList[keyName] if cmdHelp ~= nil then return cmdHelp end return "" end function SaveToFileCmdOnOffValueEx(nID) if nID == 0 then saveFile = io.open("SaveData\\OptionInfo.lua", "w") else saveFile = io.open("data\\OptionInfo.lua", "w") end if saveFile ~= nil then for k, v in pairs(CmdOnOffOderList) do local value = c_GetCmdOnOffValue(v) if value ~= -1 then saveFile:write(string.format("CmdOnOffList[\"%s\"] = %d\n", v, value)) end end saveFile:write("\n") io.close(saveFile) end end unfortunately, i'm no pro at lua/lub scripting, so i have absolutely no idea how to adjust it. I also may of discovered a workaround for the error too! =D Grab a working optioninfo.lua file, and put it in your /savedata folder, and rename it to "optioninfo.lub" by doing this, you will get rid of that annoying message at least, but you will still have the issue of not being able to change any settings. UNLESS!! somewhere out there (ive not looked yet) is a setup.exe that can be tweaked to configure optioninfo.lub instead of optioninfo.lua. by doing that, you'll be able to change resolution etc, and save all the important setup information, but still not save slash command configurations ingame (like /bm). for me, slash commands being saved is not really an issue..... Oh noes, you will have to type stuff in RO =O. i dunno if i'm anywhere close to being right or not, but this is the only logical conclusion i've come across. P.s. Sorry if i'm bumping a dead thread, but this seems to be an ongoing issue with some clients, and i just wanted to let others know of my findings nevermind. was being dense! you can fix the issue by looking at this topic: http://rathena.org/board/topic/83750-2013-ragexe-support-main-topic/ "Q : I've trouble with my optioninfo.lua" is at the bottom my bad =/
  10. Valkis

    FluxCP Sidebar

    i've been searching the forums and google for hours, as well as using as much logic as possible, yet i'm stuck with just one problem. // These are the main menu items that should be displayed by themes. // They route to modules and actions. Whether they are displayed or // not at any given time depends on the user's account group level and/or // their login status. 'MenuItems' => array( 'Main Menu' => array( 'Home' => array('module' => 'main'), //'Forums' => array('exturl' => 'http://www.fluxro.com/community'), ), 'Account' => array( 'Register' => array('module' => 'account', 'action' => 'create'), 'Login' => array('module' => 'account', 'action' => 'login'), 'Logout' => array('module' => 'account', 'action' => 'logout'), 'History' => array('module' => 'history'), 'My Account' => array('module' => 'account', 'action' => 'view'), ), 'Donations' => array( 'Purchase' => array('module' => 'purchase'), 'Donate' => array('module' => 'donate'), ), '<img src="./themes/default/img/logo.bmp"/>' => array( ( <img src="./themes/default/img/logo.bmp"/> ) is where i've attempted to replace a text string ( with an image in the sidebar. I've seen it done this way on several themes, and it works fine. But now its come to me making my own theme from scratch, it seems i'm missing something. or i've not included something in a dependant file somewhere. The question is, What and where?! Someone please give me a hand with this. I'm ripping my hair out trying to work it out >.<
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