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  1. Thanks for the reply. But the mob drop rates percentage doesn't change when I don't use @reloadmobdb on the script. I always checking the mobs drop item percentage using @mi command, e.g @mi <poporing>. Another option is to remove the drop rates and @reloadmobdb and on happy hour script.
  2. Forgot to provide the bt full log.
  3. Thank for the reply Sir Surefirer. But it will cancel the item effect of Bubble Gum and Job Battle Manual on the player when I use the SC_EXPBOOST and SC_JEXPBOOST on NPC script.
  4. Guys pa-help naman po baka may naka experience na po sa inyo ng ganitong problem sa @reloadmobdb sa script, lagi nagka-crash ang map server. Thanks in advance and stay safe po.
  5. I also have made an NPC happy hour script to give double exp but still the map server crash during @reloadmobdb run on the script even if I added sleep after and before @reloadmobdb. As of now, I temporary disabled the happy hour script and doesn't experiences map crashes. Hoping this issue will resolve as soon as possible so I can implement again the happy hour event.
  6. Upon checking the line 3031 at status.ccp Pardon me, I have no idea how to fix. Can you help me Sir shatowolf to find in line 3031 that trigger to map server crash during happy hour event?
  7. Good day, I always got map crash issues during @reloadmobdb on my happy hour script. I tried to search but i cannot find the answer that related to this issue. Hoping that you guys could help me to figure out the map crash issue on happy hour or floating rates. I have the screenshot of crash log from "gdb map-server map-server.core". By the way, i am using latest rAthena-rev62532. I also enabled the mobs_level_up: yes in conf/battle/monster.conf so the monster will level up each time a player is killed. This is the Happy Hour script i've been using: Thanks in advance and more power.
  8. Version 1.0


    Hi guys, I just wanna share this 8 Loading Screens for you and it's FREE You can use it on your server and so hopefully you will like it . By the way, visit our website and please like us on facebook: https://www.gomanilahost.net https://www.facebook.com/gomanilahost Thank you.


  9. Try mo sir gumamit ng xampp: http://pservero.com/ragnarok-online-server-guide-make-own-ragnarok-online-offline-server-guide-1/
  10. Version 1.0


    My free patcher design: GMH Thor Patcher Skin + PSD INCLUDES: - PSD and Fonts - Patch Notice (Fluxcp CMS Addons - Credits to CalciumKid) - Changeable buttons, Fonts and Logo. This is a free thor pacher skin and you can use it on your server. Please like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gomanilahost


  11. Thanks you, but I got error sir. This my Guild Package NPC: Guild_Pack_Info.txt
  12. nothing changes, normal player still can see Guild List:) Please edit to, If normal player doesn't have GM approval card then the NPC will reply "You don't have a GM Allowance".
  13. Yes sir, but if they don't have a GM Allowance the NPC will reply "You don't have a GM Allowance".
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