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  1. [5/23/12] Update: Still working on the wings. I haven't had much time to work on them due to personal stuff and my computer being weird. Anywho, Batman Helmet on Fel Release It's up on the first post as well as here. Added an initial description for [Fel Release] Batman Hat.rar And here's a preview of the Thor Helmet, still re-working the outline and of course the colors are just draft colors still needs A LOT of work. By the way, if any of the SPRs/ACTs/Sprites have any problems, please do SEND ME A PERSONAL MESSAGE HERE ON THE BOARD so that I may fix it. Please and thank you!
  2. Which one in particular?
  3. Taeko!! Fellow Dofus player! LOL! We shared the same sentiment! x3 I'm still not sure if I should go for Brakmar's wings too @[email protected]
  4. Dear letstry, Let's try not to be lazy. All of these can be found around the server files, that's why they were put there. You also have a ton of references on RMS alone. Nevertheless:
  5. Hi nyoonyoto, I believe this is an answer to your question? If there is a better answer anyone please post. Quoting from script_commands.txt Basically set the map to have the novending mapflag and then have an npc "set cells" on which cells you can vend on using the x1-x2, y1-y2.
  6. Pneuma, Adel! Thanks for your comments! Thought I'd give it another go, I know I'm far off but it's still a work in progress. xD I think I'll try to make the avengers hats O:! Batman Hat ._.
  7. Ola Pneuma! Here xD for that original file/request, 8 days late but meh. :3 º°¸ð¾çÀå½Ä.rar
  8. These. So eye candy my eye balls pop out to eat them. <3 In fact my eyes are typing right now. o.o;
  9. - - - - - Last Update: 6/05/12 2:02PM - - - - - Got a lot of stuff to make for my university org so I'm not sure how soon I can post more of these. I still work on the sprites whenever I get the free time to do it though and I should release a few the next time I update. Cheers. Hi rAthena Community! :] Felgrande here, Fel for short. I've played RO since it was playable in my country. I played some private servers since my mother doesn't want me spending money on the local RO. I autodidacted to the scripting language and landed a scripting job by 13 years old but I had to forsake RO when I hit 15 and above due to studies. I'm back, 18 years old, I don't know for how long though. Let's hope I can make more, that's if the community doesn't hate my ridiculous works. :[ Extremely newbie spriter, but hey, I thought I'd give it a shot? :x T.T No stealing, reproducing, editing without permission. [Public Release] means you can do anything you want to it. [Fel Release] You may not use the sprite to earn money in one way or another WITHOUT my permission. Encouraged to be used as quest items players can spend their time making. :3 --still needs more, lemme think :3 Finished: Kitty Model Hat [Public Release] Disclaimer: These are © Gravity Corp's sprites. Its the goodness of an apple, a drooping kitty, and a book all in one! Can it get any better?! @[email protected] Kitty Model Hat.rar Batman Helmet [Fel Release] I'm the Batman. ò.ó Batman Hat.rar Works in Progress Heaven Wings Inspired by Dofus Online RO Version ©Felgrande >Improving< [5/16/12]Took a look at this again today, angle views still need work. I'm a huge fan of wings and I really loved how Dofus did theirs so I tried to RO-ify them. I've only begun spriting today [5/10/12] so forgive me. :/ This is in the WIP section because I still need comments whether it passes the RO sprite standard. I love huge and bulky and feathery and soft wings. xD ACT and SPR files are ready, awaiting improvements only! > : D PLEASE COMMENTTTTT I NEED THEM!!! D : < Thor Helmet 20% :'( Working on it currently. Iron Man Helmet Captain America Helmet Trying to make everything perfect before I release any SPR/ACTs. P.S. Shout out to @Gaypuff, @Alena, @Haziel, @Adel, and ALL other spriters out there you guys ROCK. <3 Big fan of Herzlichzusage, RUNE Spriters, and ALL the others! :] Credits: Angevon for the base references (body +head)