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  1. Does someone knows where can i have the celar maps gat ? i dont found them to update the map cache
  2. Nvm i found the error, the indexing of map was not done solved
  3. Hello i want add endless celar to my server i took this one I have a problem on the block line 91 the npc always print the reservation failed, so to debug i tried print the value of @instance and it is always -1, i don't know where this bug come from, anyone knows why ? ty for helping i tried found the setter of @instance but didnt found, and i tried set myself the value of 1 but its bugging later in the instance. Ty else{ //RATHENA set [email protected], instance_create( .instance_name$ ); //HERCULES //set [email protected], instance_create( .instance_name$, [email protected]_id, IOT_PARTY ); if( [email protected] < 0 ) { npctalk .instance_name$ + " reservation failed."; mes "^0000FF"+.instance_name$+" ^000000- Reservation Failed!"; close; }
  4. Hello, i would love to make costumes of renewal server available in a prerenewal server. Actually a did sql query for set the costumes items of the renewal item in the database. I can @item them, but i cant equip them, there is a error sprite like its missing. I checked on rms : the costumes which are bugging has no image : example: i would like know how to fix it ? Is there any database to costume or something available ? i look on rathena forum but i only found topic for 1 per 1 costume. Thank you a lot
  5. I have a problem with the thor patcher ... actually i have an sftp server, i did the config : //file_url - patch files should ALL put here. // This config entry will override the one in embed config. // o HTTP: // // o FTP: // // o With <Username> [Password] [Port] // ftp://username:[email protected]:port/dir/ // o Note: username is required if want put password, otherwise everything is optional. file_url=ftp://WWW:[email protected]/patch/ where WWW is the login and XXX the password but seems like it cant connect on the main ini file and on the the config [Config:Main] RootURL='ftp://WWW:[email protected]/patch/' And it looks like it cant connect for some reason, does anybody has any ideas ? ... Thank you
  6. Hello, i have some questions. I'm going open a ragnarok server but they are hackers who already told me they are going to hack my server.... I need some help for the vps and preventing ddos and sql injection. First is my choice on the VPS: VULTR BUILD: Actually i took a vultr server at 40 $ months with windows server 2012. The DDoS protection cost +10$ 80 GB SSD $20/mo $0.03/h 2 CPU 4096MB Memory 3000GB Bandwidth This is the actual config that i have. OVH BUILD: I want to know if taking : OVH with this config is actually better ? cost 28 $/ months but without ssd , and less GB, apparently the protection is already in the 28$ RAM 4 GB Cores 2 Disk 50 GB My server is going to have ~ 300 people connected on. Is the SSD is a must have ? Does the ddos protection that ovh provides is going to help me to secure my server ? I want know more about security, what can i do for protecting my server from DDOS and SQL ? I'll buy and use gepard shield, before opening the server. But i think i'll need some more secure, do you have any tips ? i'm on a windows 2012 server , any advices and suggestions will be greatly appreciate. I'm clearly not a pro about security. And my last question : On the client folder i actually have in the clientxml, is it safe to give that to players ? <address>my ip serv</address> <port>my port </port> About the sql database, i don't know how to protect it, i only used MD5 password actually Thank you for reading, hope you can help me !
  7. I found the problem !!!!! it was in the src/custom/defines_pre i put this : #define PACKETVER 20151104 and it is working, thank you a lot for helping .(i had already ensure the desired ports, but it was nice idea thank you ) Now i would love to have some help to my patcher, i have no idea how it is working, i believe i have to make an ftp ? (i'm actually using a vps vultr windows server), i tried to found a thor patcher helper /guide or something but i didnt and i can't find any video on youtube that explains how it works unfortunally
  8. Thank you a lot for your support, appreciate it man ! I have a problem, i gave the client file to my friend, and he can t actually connect the server but it still recognizes the login, and after it displays disconnect : "connection closed". As you can see on the screen he can create account to database from my client side but not really play the game . This is display from client side
  9. Hello Mael, thank you for fast reply but i already did everything on the github guide, i'm just really lost in the client side part what am i supposed to give to the player ? the whole client file with the data folder ?
  10. Hello, I'm trying to create a ragnarok server for the French community, because we don't have good private server anymore and we have a lot of players. I carried out all the steps of the rathena guide and I manage to launch the instance of my server with the database Now I am on the client part, I carry out all the steps of the guide: But it achieves it with a local configuration. I wonder what address I should return to. I have two addresses, that of my dedicated server "Map Server IP Address: 'XX.XX.XX.XX" and the other "Char Server IP Address:" XXX.XXX.X.XX " I guess I have to put the second one. But what should I give the player? Am i supposed to give the full client folder? with the data files? is it safe? And i'm not really sure about the patcher ... i'm supposed to make a ftp server ? (I'm really lost about what to give to the future players as client ...) thank you a lot for helping