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  1. bbestkanatip

    Release: Keitenai Resistance Capping

    Does this script work with pre-renewal system i try to compile on pre-renewal is shown an error but for renewal it is ok
  2. Does any one have this 2 robe ROBE_Ribbon_Piamat and ROBE_MechanicWing could you share me the file thank you
  3. i have problem in my server merchant can vending only 3 item at a time. the character already have skill vending lv.10 Can any one help me for this problem
  4. bbestkanatip

    [Showcase] Achievements, Titles, Random Options

    Where is the text in yellow color located. i try to change the text back to english translation. i already find in msgstringtable.txt but it not there
  5. Hi, Sir

    I want to buy an gepard license could you accept my friend request in skype.

    or could you add me on [email protected]

  6. bbestkanatip

    Extended Vending System [1.9] cleanup & fix

    I have this problem how can i solve it
  7. bbestkanatip


    ./athena-start start ./athena-start stop ./athena-start restart
  8. bbestkanatip


    This was i use in linux operation screen -t Login ./login-server Ctrl + a + d --> To exit screen screen -t Char ./char-server Ctrl + a + d --> To exit screen screen -t Map ./map-server Ctrl + a + d --> To exit screen To Restore The Screen Type "ps -x" then the screen id will show screen -r and screen id --> Ex : screen -r 1234 To Stop Server Ctrl + c exit
  9. bbestkanatip

    ###### - Extended Vending System For Git V.12380

    a ) Renewal and 3rd classes Sorry for my english it not that good
  10. bbestkanatip

    ###### - Extended Vending System For Git V.12380

    The Src code is change so much i cannot catch it i want to use the lastest svn because i use class3 renewal so if you can help me solving this problem that would be my pressure . Thank You
  11. I use svn 12380 but the src have change alot so when i use Extended Vending System 1.8 , I can't compile my server can any one help me fix this problem please
  12. i want to make server pre-renewal with 3rd job and harmony but what is the best svn for pre-renewal Thank You
  13. bbestkanatip

    Does Harmony support exe 2013 and lastest rev. of rathena

    Harmony only supports 2012-04-10 Ragexe and it doesent support 2013 Client since the Function Calls have ben changed And it "Could" work on latest Rathen Rev , if you rewrite a bunch of the src code from harmony Thank for the information and is there any thing that support exe 2013 because i wan't my server to have rebelion job 2012-04-10 doesn't support this job
  14. Does harmony support exe 2013 and lastest rev of rathena. If not how i can block programe like wpe and editing grf. Is there any gameguard can do this. Thank you
  15. bbestkanatip

    [FreeRelease] Artz PVP Map

    What is the folder name of the folder that contain artz1.bmp - artz3.bmp