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  1. FilipeChaos

    DB erro

    Hi Fellas i Have this erro in the last version on rathena Pre-re and i dunno how to resolve this shit all the help will be appreciated
  2. Hello Everyone !! how to create a npc that swap for exemple a BG badge to Any other item. a itemshop npc like this
  3. @Mael que_qaru05,246,345,3 script Plagearism Master 4_M_TWMASKMAN,{ mes "Which skill you need me to cast on you ?"; set [email protected],select( implode( .SkillName$,":" ) ) - 1; mes "Selected "+.Skillname$[[email protected]]; close2; unitskilluseid getnpcid(0),.SkillID[[email protected]],.SkillLv[[email protected]],getcharid(3); sleep 3000; movenpc strnpcinfo(0),246,345; end; OnInit: setarray .SkillID[0],271,19,20,421; setarray .SkillLv[0],4,5,10,5; setarray .SkillName$[0],"Asura","Fire Bolt","Lightning Bolt","Fly Kick"; end; } this one i made is fine to me now Thanks i edit some Things thanks !!
  4. Hello guys i get this npc from @Emistry and i translate to my language its a plagiarism npc que_qaru05,252,366,5 script StalkerNpc 757,{ set [email protected]_level,getskilllv( "RG_PLAGIARISM" ); mes "^FF7F00[Plagiador De Skill]^000000"; mes (gettime(3)>= 6&&gettime(3)<= 12?"Bom-dia":(gettime(3)>=13&&gettime(3)<=18?"Boa-tarde":"Boa-noite"))+", ^008aff"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000 !"; mes "Bem-vindo ao Plagiador de Skill."; next; mes "^FF7F00[Plagiador De Skill]^000000"; mes "^008aff"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000, Sou Responsavel por Providenciar Copia da Skill para classe Stalker!!"; next; mes "^FF7F00[Plagiador De Skill]^000000"; mes "Lembre-se Depois que Tudo Acabar,^FF0000RELOGUE PARA SALVAR A SKILL!!!!^000000"; mes "Do Contrario, Não Funcionará"; next; mes "^FF7F00[Plagiador De Skill]^000000"; mes "^008aff"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000, Em que posso ajudar?"; if( [email protected]_level ){ mes "Apenas a Classe Stalker com a Habilidade ^FF0000Plagiar^000000 Pode Utilizar deste Serviço."; }else{ if( select( ( CLONE_SKILL && CLONE_SKILL_LV )?"^008aff[»]^000000 Desaprender a Skill":"^008aff[»]^000000 Aprender a Skill","^ff0000[»]^000000Cancelar" ) == 1 ){ if( CLONE_SKILL && CLONE_SKILL_LV ){ mes "Skill Copiada Desaprendida"; set CLONE_SKILL_LV,0; skill CLONE_SKILL,CLONE_SKILL_LV,0; set CLONE_SKILL,0; }else{ mes "Por-favor Selecione as Skills"; next; set [email protected],select( .menu$ ) - 1; if( [email protected]_level > .skill_max_level[[email protected]] ) set [email protected]_level,.skill_max_level[[email protected]]; mes "Skill : ^0055FF"+.skill_name$[[email protected]]+"^000000"; mes "Level : ^0055FF"[email protected]_level+"^000000"; mes "Cost : ^0055FF"+( ( .skill_cost[[email protected]] )? .skill_cost[[email protected]]+" Zeny":"Free" )+"^000000"; mes " "; mes "^777777( Skill de Efeito do Plagiar )^000000"; if( select( "^008aff[»]^000000Confirmar","^ff0000[»]^000000Cancelar" ) == 1 ){ if( .skill_cost[[email protected]] ){ if( Zeny >= .skill_cost[[email protected]] ){ set Zeny,Zeny - .skill_cost[[email protected]]; }else{ mes "Zeny Insuficiente."; close; } } set CLONE_SKILL,.skill_id[[email protected]]; set CLONE_SKILL_LV,[email protected]_level; mes "Skill Aprendida ^0055FFLv"+CLONE_SKILL_LV+" "+.skill_name$[[email protected]]+"^000000"; skill CLONE_SKILL,CLONE_SKILL_LV,0; } } } } dispbottom "Skill ID "+CLONE_SKILL+" | Level : "+CLONE_SKILL_LV; close; OnInit: // Skill Display Names setarray .skill_name$,"Punho Supremo De Asura","Esma","Ataque Mortal","Desperado"; // Skill ID setarray .skill_id,271,469,544,516; // Skill Max Learn-able Level setarray .skill_max_level,4,7,10,10; // Skill Cost in Zeny setarray .skill_cost,10000,20000,30000,40000,50000; set .skill_size,getarraysize( .skill_name$ ); while( [email protected] < .skill_size ){ set .menu$,.menu$ + "[ ^0055FFLv "+.skill_max_level[[email protected]]+"^000000 ] "+ .skill_name$[[email protected]] +":"; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1; } end; } this script works fine but sometimes show this erro the only thing I know is that the skill I copied has a -8 lvl in db. even if i put the correct level in the script show me -8
  5. i have the same issue it dosent work for me @Emistry
  6. hello guys i have this problem with weapons when they are with elements if i remove a weapon even being with another equipped the element leaves... i want the element leaves just i remove all the weapons ,not only one who can help me i appreciate edit1: is not the EDP system
  7. FilipeChaos

    Item view

    how do i change the view of the item when i use it Ex: valkyrie helm when use it for another class change to a simple helmet