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  1. Deleting the consecutive item required will not delete it. because it misses something in the script. Original Script: case 1: if (countitem(.vip_item) > 0) Change it to this: case 1: if (countitem(.vip_item[[email protected]]) > 0)
  2. @iraciz I'm violent01 on github try to use my client and here's my patch list also. 2018-06-21aRagexeRE.zip Patch List.log Hope it will fix your problem!
  3. Good day rAthena community. Can you please help me achieve what I am doing here... Basically I want the player to be warped out on this time in the script. Here is the sample of the script OnTimer50000: mapannounce .map$,"The event is over and the hordes of King Poring will return again in 12 hours, see you next time!",bc_all; warp "SavePoint",0,0; end;
  4. @HaARiZz sorry but do you have any idea on how can i make the players inside the map be teleported back to their save point like lets say after an hour has passed?
  5. Hello rAthena community! I just want to ask for a simple npc script with the following functions. npc will auto appear and hide on a specific hour if you talk to it has yes or no and if select yes it will warp you to a map will auto warp back players to their save point. Thank you so much!
  6. Okay thanks sir!
  7. can i do it on a dummy npc instead of like that? like this, - script timeattack -1,{
  8. Hello rAthena! Can someone please tell me how can i loop a BGM inside a script and if possible please give me an example. Here's my sample script. - script timeattack -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: atcommand "@night"; playBGM "100"; mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "Greetings, "+ strcharinfo(0) +". Yes, human, I know who you are. I know that from the bottom of your heart, you seek glory and riches. You can't fool me foolish human! Now I stand before you to give you an offer."; next; mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "I can grant you any treasure you desire and infinite power at your fingertips. Powerful weapons that humans have never before seen..."; next; mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "Mountains of zeny that you cannot possibly hope to spend in a lifetime. Though, who's to say that your lifespan should be limited? Fame, power, immortality: It can all be yours."; next; mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "I will be yours to summon at anytime. All other humans will dread making you their enemy. You will become the most powerful person in all of history!"; switch (select("Okay, Let's do it!:No! I'll never submit to you!")) { case 1: mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "Then we shall form a contract. You won't ever regret this moment..."; next; mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "Follow me."; mes "We will make the"; mes "contract in my"; mes "sanctum of darkness."; warp "prt_fild08",271,191; end; case 2: mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "Foolish human..."; mes "You have made your choice. I will leave you alone for now, then. However, your training won't be as easy as you think."; next; mes "[Great Demon Baphomet]"; mes "I shall be preparing my troops for you. The day will come when I shall enjoy watching you writhe in agony as my fiends slowly devour you."; close; } end; } Thank you very much guys!
  9. I see thanks. So I must use a callfunc command.
  10. Good day rAthena! I just want to ask about getitembound3, is this possible to make in item scripts? like this 40000,Reward_Box,Reward Box,2,2,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ getitembound3 2503,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,Bound_Account,RDMOPT_ATTR_TOLERACE_ALL,5,0; },{},{} I already tried it and not working and if possible how can i make multiple entries like RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_NOTHING_USER, RDMOPT_ATTR_TOLERACE_ALL into the item script. Thanks for answering rAthena!
  11. did you read what i said to the top? if you follow that guide you will not be having any troubles making new items inside the game. if you still don't understand it send me all the required files that i said at the top and I'll try to make it for you. send it to me via pm or here if you want. @thofdc13
  12. What’s your issue? Maybe I can help you.
  13. how am i supposed to upload my map files? can anybody help me? i cant see the maps and its kinda confusing on how to install. Nevermind my post, Fixed it already.
  14. Use zackdreaver Translation project
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