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  1. @angelus01 are perhaps trying to login the first account in your database like the s1 p1 thingy?
  2. can you post a screenshot of what is happening on your side?
  3. are you perhaps using outdated Intel R graphics? if yes, kindly download the latest version for your hardware, If no just update your graphics card to it's latest software.
  4. @tiagofm94 what am i supposed to put inside there? or i just need to tinker to suit my needs?
  5. thanks @OppaiDragon and @Zell now i don't know how which one am i gonna pick.
  6. Hello rAthena i just want to ask how to enable multiple if else scenario. if(select("Change Hairstyle:Don't Change") == 1) { if (countitem(6707) > 0) { mes "[Kaniki]"; mes "Great, you brought"; mes "a New Kaniki Hair Style Coupon!"; mes "Alright, which hairstyle"; mes "did you want to have?"; next; if (Sex == SEX_MALE) { if(select("Emergency Heal Perm:Aura Blade Cut:Jupon Katana:Jupitel Thunder:Deadly Poison:Earth Spike") == 1) { delitem 6707,1; // New_Style_Coupon setlook 1,24; }else{ delitem 6707,1; // New_Style_Coupon setlook 1,25; }else{ delitem 6707,1; // New_Style_Coupon setlook 1,26; }else{ delitem 6707,1; // New_Style_Coupon setlook 1,27; }else{ delitem 6707,1; // New_Style_Coupon setlook 1,28; }else{ delitem 6707,1; // New_Style_Coupon setlook 1,29; }
  7. @Disabled LOOLP nothing changes its still the same, i can view it on the equipment window but cannot see the in game sprite of the item.
  8. @Disabled LOOLP should 150 do the job? And will it not have any problems if i i do that because my spriterobeid ends at 63.
  9. here is the iteminfo [30500] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Costume Garment", unidentifiedResourceName = "Èĵå", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Can be identified by using a ^990099Magnifier^000000." }, identifiedDisplayName = "Costume Valkyrie Wings", identifiedResourceName = "c_valkyrie_wing", identifiedDescriptionName = { "Now you can be the mighty Valkyrie with these costume wings!", "^FF0000This equipment's visual appearance relies on special effects. If /effect is turned OFF the headgear will not be fully displayed.^000000", "________________________", "^0000CCType:^000000 Costume", "^0000CCPosition:^000000 Garment", "^0000CCWeight:^000000 0", "________________________", "^0000CCRequirement:^000000 None" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 48 },
  10. @Disabled LOOLP uhhmm, i believe they are both correct but if not here is the db and the client info. itemdb.txt 30500,Valkyrie_Wing,Costume Valkyrie Wing,4,0,,0,,0,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,4,,1,0,48,{},{},{} spriterobename.lub [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Valkyrie_Wing] = "Valkyrie_Wing", spriterobid.lub ROBE_Valkyrie_Wing = 48,
  11. Hi rAthena good day to everyone of you, I just want to ask what is the problem regarding my question. I cannot see the sprite of the item in-game but in the equipment window it is already appearing. Please help me fix this problem, thank you!
  12. Oh and btw @BugSICK what is that frozen thingy that is floating on your character