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  1. I think that it will be hard to make a plugin system because you'll need to extend to public clif functions, battle calculations, pc/mob/npc informations and plugin need to be able to edit and/or use it. Anyone here played Counter-Strike correct? amxmodx was a great plugin system for me, you just need to register the plugin, custom variables and hooks into functions that you will modify.
  2. Scripting and Commands should be in LUA format.
  3. Can I try to send a patch to remove hard-coded clif_displaymessage errors that aren't official, like when you try to remove some item of your inventory that is binded to your character? This messages make emulator not user-friendly to other countries languages and make the gameplay visually more 'trash'... Also, i had made a patch to correct some files encoding that breaks international symbols when you try to translate the emulator. I'm posting this here because on eAthena no developer have take a look on it when i posted that, and if rAthena change to git, i can just make a pull request, but...
  4. RAthena starts to refuse community suggestions to make this a more professional way of developing and releasing things. Every 'company' (yes, we aren't company, but we 'work' for a public) have a method of developing, testing, releasing prototypes and deploying releases. Milnestone make team focus on what is MORE important and have a way to do in CURRENT moment... Of couse, all developers prefer to implement new things instead of fixing bugs, rewriting stuffs or modifying anything that is done from jAthena... but what is more important in the current moment, or what is more important to make the emulator more functional, close-to-official and easier to update?
  5. I hate when people do same thing that i already have written for my server. Anyway, gw!
  6. I think Yum is asking how to make this without use any software. First, you need to configure on your registar to point our domain name to your dedicated server IP. After this, if you use apache, you need to take a look on virtual hosts configurations. Here you can set your subdomains, domains and paths of your webserver. For reference, take a look on
  7. LOL, I cant download the attached file? I'm feeling noob after loose my community time on eA
  8. I might not be a GIT-Guru, so could you clarify some of your arguments? What functionalities and compression methods has GIT? How would a project, such as rAthena, benefit of using GIT instead of Subversion? Can you give a link where it is written down, that Mozilla really saved 80% of memory? Is this related to the compression methods (just out of curiosity)? What exactly seems to be faster? I thought Subversion is popular for their definition of "branching", where does GIT differ from Subversion in this case? Why is it easier to work in teams? How does the merging work like? What do you mean with "still getting updates and also creating hotfixxes"? Seems like I'm quite a noob, so could you explain this benefits in details from your personal experience with GIT? I personally just used GIT like a simple svn repository, without using git advanced features. But the concept of fork (cutting the tie with original project), and subbimit change to original project is something better than svn. You can make the changes, and "commit" it to project, and anyone involved with project (developers) can approve or reject it... better than uploading or sending a diff. Another thing that i'm studying at moment is the possibility of having YOURS repo (saving your changes), but also syncronized with original repo (rAthena). Its good for me, so i can have my private modifications saved on a repositorie, and still receiving updates from original repo. I know thats someone will hate this because of "private" of a public thing, but... Right now i have the rAthena svn inside of my private git repositorie. Also, tools involved with git sounds better for me.
  9. I aprove to change svn to git. I think everyone knows the benefics of changing the systems.
  10. Hi, Thanks for reading community suggestions. Can I suggest another improvement for this system? Can you make the group have something like extra permissions or metadata key-value pairs? So, on my custom script i can do anything like checkgroupmeta("x-custom-var") == true. So, scripters can do anything and on "script installation instructions" they can instruct users to put the permission on groups that are allowed to use script. Sorry for bad english, my keyboard is a trash!
  11. I vote for a custom folder, and make rAthena load it after the original file.
  12. Oh, now its make sense. Ty
  13. Please, stop adding custom mods to source. Release it as a diff too, your emulator has been done to simulate official behavior of renewal and pre-renewal ragnarok, everything else (as possible, of course), needs to be a custom module... or write a custom module system. Ask everyone before.
  14. Common people, no one have balls to remove this? The poll is saying YES (like on eAthena some time ago...) and TXT still consuming time...
  15. True. And all not mentioned commands and permissions are automatically true or false? Or true for group_id = 0(user?) and false for group_id != 0 (GM?)... I was thinking on something like this, but i think its harder to implement this in current eAthena design.