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  1. Thanks Cookie, it worked.
  2. How do I get the inactive accounts more than 1 year are deleted automatically.
  3. Perfect jedwynne, using to advantage topic as I can use accents vi some server that use, case to somebody to say me wise person
  4. As well as I make for the bar of upload of the thor pacth to be thicker in accordance with mine patch.
  5. It wanted well to know as I can use the system replay because if I place my writing in kro of the error somebody to say knows me as I make for replay to function.
  6. Hello I installed fluxcp more when I click on the Accounts tab opens a blank page to showhow to do the math.
  7. Emistry when I use the mapflag nowarpto my vip @ go and blocked also for VIP's have the following code in src. if(town == 34 && (pc_get_group_level (sd) <1)){ clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Excuse me more you are not a VIP member."); return -1; }
  8. I'll give you an example I'm going to go 0 VIP room, the map of VIP is to write @ warppay_fild01 pay_fild01 not teleport want more if I type what I did @go 28 or @go vip teleport want.
  9. How do I when magician with ESP is not reflect when taking Maya to reflect not just Kaite. //Spirit of Wizard blocks Kaite's reflection if( type == 2 && sc && sc->data[sC_SPIRIT] && sc->data[sC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_WIZARD ) { //Consume one Fragment per hit of the casted skill? [skotlex] type = tsd?pc_search_inventory (tsd, 7321):0; if (type >= 0) { if ( tsd ) pc_delitem(tsd, type, 1, 0, 1, LOG_TYPE_CONSUME); dmg.damage = dmg.damage2 = 0; dmg.dmg_lv = ATK_MISS; sc->data[sC_SPIRIT]->val3 = skillid; sc->data[sC_SPIRIT]->val4 = dsrc->id; } }
  10. I tried to type the name of the sprite in my rdata.grf not found it more if I look in the file by id idnum2itemresnametable think the item written over the sprite and not images.
  11. Mysterious I know she is helping me too so I said nothing that I agreed with her and boring to look at all items in kro Koreano, I thank Aerie for trying to help me, I did not say anything more so I agreed with what she said he and boring so I made the topic seeing if anyone had items to get ready.
  12. aerie is boring even, all items in one Koreano up the hard work to find as you said.
  13. I tried searching the forum I have no more talk Permissions
  14. is to leave the command to read all oninit and ignore the rest.
  15. more not of to ask to make one reload only from oninit and ignore the others