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  1. Doubt delete char automatically

    Thanks Cookie, it worked.
  2. How do I get the inactive accounts more than 1 year are deleted automatically.
  3. Bar of thor patch

    Perfect jedwynne, using to advantage topic as I can use accents vi some server that use, case to somebody to say me wise person
  4. Bar of thor patch

    As well as I make for the bar of upload of the thor pacth to be thicker in accordance with mine patch.
  5. replay interface

    It wanted well to know as I can use the system replay because if I place my writing in kro of the error somebody to say knows me as I make for replay to function.
  6. Error accounts tab fluxcp

    Hello I installed fluxcp more when I click on the Accounts tab opens a blank page to showhow to do the math.
  7. Block warp to a certain map

    Emistry when I use the mapflag nowarpto my vip @ go and blocked also for VIP's have the following code in src. if(town == 34 && (pc_get_group_level (sd) <1)){ clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Excuse me more you are not a VIP member."); return -1; }
  8. Block warp to a certain map

    I'll give you an example I'm going to go 0 VIP room, the map of VIP is to write @ warppay_fild01 pay_fild01 not teleport want more if I type what I did @go 28 or @go vip teleport want.
  9. Reflect magic

    How do I when magician with ESP is not reflect when taking Maya to reflect not just Kaite. //Spirit of Wizard blocks Kaite's reflection if( type == 2 && sc && sc->data[sC_SPIRIT] && sc->data[sC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_WIZARD ) { //Consume one Fragment per hit of the casted skill? [skotlex] type = tsd?pc_search_inventory (tsd, 7321):0; if (type >= 0) { if ( tsd ) pc_delitem(tsd, type, 1, 0, 1, LOG_TYPE_CONSUME); dmg.damage = dmg.damage2 = 0; dmg.dmg_lv = ATK_MISS; sc->data[sC_SPIRIT]->val3 = skillid; sc->data[sC_SPIRIT]->val4 = dsrc->id; } }
  10. itens biolabs 4

    I tried to type the name of the sprite in my rdata.grf not found it more if I look in the file by id idnum2itemresnametable think the item written over the sprite and not images.
  11. itens biolabs 4

    Mysterious I know she is helping me too so I said nothing that I agreed with her and boring to look at all items in kro Koreano, I thank Aerie for trying to help me, I did not say anything more so I agreed with what she said he and boring so I made the topic seeing if anyone had items to get ready.
  12. itens biolabs 4

    aerie is boring even, all items in one Koreano up the hard work to find as you said.
  13. doubt command @reloadscript

    I tried searching the forum I have no more talk Permissions
  14. doubt command @reloadscript

    is to leave the command to read all oninit and ignore the rest.
  15. doubt command @reloadscript

    more not of to ask to make one reload only from oninit and ignore the others