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  1. Yeah, it doesn't work, it doesn't even load the DB files for me
  2. Excellent job, very nice tool indeed
  3. Kusoo

    Lost cart

    Did you update the PACKETVER ? #define PACKETVER 20211103
  4. its never late to explain how to fix things, thx
  5. Try this announce ""+strcharinfo(0)+" "+BaseLevel+"/"+JobLevel+" "+jobname(Class)+" : is looking for Party Members",bc_all,0xFF5500;
  6. it says 0b but the download goes through anyway? does it patch ok?
  7. Hello there, basically title. I just set up the web service from vstumpf/rathena and I got the emblems working, but when I click on the Twitter button nothing happens, the console is not showing anything, so I suppose is client's fault, no? :c 2021-11-17_Ragexe_1637052357_patched_UiKX8fJNt1.mp4 this is the ExternalSettings_kr.lub AssistAddr = "" ----------------------------------------- -- Old client compatibility [Secret] -- (Just change the "AssistAddr" to your IP) ----------------------------------------- Url = { TwitterUrl = '' } AccountLinkedUserDataUrl = { Save = '', Load = '' } TwitterDataUrl = { Auth = '', Upload = '' } EmblemDataUrl = { Upload = '', Download = '' } I have searched over here, hercs and google but I don't seem to find the solution
  8. You're looking for this option on WARP I don't suggest you going below 100, if you talk to a dialogless npc the player character will walk towards the NPC.
  9. Sorry but Thor it's like almost 10 years old or more, then the https connections were not like a standard thing like nowadays. Thor can't handle https, just like that, you need to drop https support in your patch hosting in order to thor to connect to the URL, I just figured it out like a day or two. For example, svn.code.sf.net/p/froggyro/patches/plist.txt, as you can see it's not a secure connections (https), thus my thor can reach to this point and continue. If you don't want to drop https then you need to change patcher, I can recommend rpatchur, It handles both https and http and it uses thor patch scheme
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